It is very easy to install a WordPress Theme on your WordPress. WordPress is famous for its customization and easy to use features. Anyone can design any site with the little bit of customizing skill on WordPress. You can change the look of your website within few minutes with any modern theme builder. Page builders or many themes allow you to create different designs for different pages of your site. Moreover, a WordPress theme can help you to get a better result on search engine ranking if the theme is SEO friendly.

There are two types of WordPress themes available for you to use – free and paid. The default WordPress installation comes with three free themes. You can activate, deactivate and delete any of them anytime you want.

Of course, you can use any available themes outside of those default free themes. You can install either free or paid theme with the very basic step. WordPress comes with simple and easy to use solution to install a wordpress theme (s). The same methods can be applied or installing WordPress plugins.

In this article, I will show you – How to install a WordPress theme on your WordPress Website.

How to Install a WordPress Theme (New WordPress Theme)

There are three ways that you can follow to install a WordPress theme.

  1. Installing a wordpress Theme from the WordPress Themes Store
  2. Uploading a Theme via WordPress Dashboard
  3. Uploading a Theme via FTP

Let’s start our tutorial with the very first way.

Method 1. Install a WordPress Theme from the WordPress Theme Store

In this way, you can install a wordpress theme from your WordPress dashboard. Also, this method does not need any data for uploading files. However, this process works only for the free themes available in the WordPress themes store. Remember, themes from the store may or may not be suitable for SEO or customization.

At first, go to Appearance and click on Themes from your WordPress dashboard. The page should look like as below screenshot –

wordpress theme install from dashboard

Now, there is a button at the top of the page name “Add New,” click on that button. You can also use the big box beside the default themes name as “Add New Theme.”

In both cases, you will lead to WordPress theme store. The page should look like the following –

wordpress dashboard theme store

Install a WordPress Theme (Free WordPress Theme)

You can find a lot of free WordPress themes from here in the WordPress theme store. The default page will show the featured themes tab. You will also switch to view the popular and latest themes. There also has an option to filter those themes. How the panel looks like is shown in below screenshot-

wordpress feature filter

To filter your search, click on the ‘Feature Filter’ link. You can choose options for filter color, layout, features, and subject from there. You can also search for a particular theme from the search box at the top right corner.

Once you hover over any theme from there, you will find three options to select. You can either check Details & Preview, or Install, or just Preview of any theme there. However, the first and last options are the same for the check the preview. Clicking them will open a full-screen preview window of that theme.

Clicking on the Install button will download and install the wordpress theme on your website server. Now, you can either activate it from preview window or theme page. Sometimes you will see recommended plugins to install for function theme correctly. Just go ahead and install them by selecting them all.

Method 2. Uploading a Theme via WordPress Dashboard

Uploading a theme using WordPress dashboard is a very simple process. To install a wordpress theme via WordPress dashboard, you need a WordPress theme file in .zip format.

There are two ways to get those themes files.

You can either download them from the WordPress theme directory or any other location.

Click on the blue “Download” button on WordPress theme directory to download the zip file of the theme. If you are downloading from the other location, separate the theme zip file from the package.

Now, click on Appearances and go to Themes page.

wordpress theme install from dashboard

Click on the “Add New” button from the top or “Add New Theme” box beside default themes.

wordpress dashboard theme store

On the next page, click on the “Upload Theme” button. This will lead you to “Add Themes” page where upload button is waiting for your zip file.

wordpress theme upload

Adding New Theme to WordPress

Click “Choose File” and then select the zip file of your theme. Once you upload the file, the item will extract and install to your site. After install, next page will give you these three options – Live Preview, or activate, or get back to the themes page.

wordpress after theme upload

Choose whatever you want. Also, don’t forget to install plugins if any shows up in the header. They are recommended for your installed wordpress theme to work properly.

Method 3. Uploading a Theme via FTP

You may be unable to install a wordpress theme by above mention methods for the various reasons. In this case, there was another way to install a WordPress theme. Though, in this case, you have to upload the theme file directly to your hosting server. You need to access your server files. This process can be quite complicated if you are not familiar with using an FTP client.

To continue this method, you will need the zip format of the WordPress theme. Next, extract the zip file on your computer with any zip extractor like 7-Zip.

Open any of your favorite FTP clients and connect to your web server. In my case, I like to use FTP client FileZilla. You can discover numerous tutorials on ‘How to connect FTP client to your hosting server’.

connect FTP client to hosting server

Next, go to “WordPress” directory from your FTP client. Next, open the “wp-content” folder. At last, open the “themes” folder. Now, grab and upload the extracted theme folder to the server ‘themes’ folder.

upload file with FTP

Do not close the FTP client before copy all the files to the server.

After upload complete via FTP client, go back to WordPress dashboard. Next, go to the Appearance and click one Themes page. You will find your theme there. Hovering over the theme to activate or preview the theme. If you want to learn more about ftp stuff please also read How to Move WordPress Site from Localhost to Live server?


Due to the high demand for WordPress themes, developing themes has become an attractive profession. Thousands of WordPress themes already available on the market now. However, not all of them coded perfectly to function in term of SEO or user experience.

A poorly coded theme can impact terribly on your website performance. Thus, take some time for research before installing any theme. Read carefully about reviews, rating, and alternative before you install a wordpress theme.

This is an ultimate tutorial you need to have when you are installing a theme on WordPress. Still, if you face any trouble when installing WordPress themes, please let know in comments below and I will give my best to help you.

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