You should know all the ways to install a wordpress plugin on your WordPress Website. Many of the functions can be achieved on your website built on WordPress by simply installing and activating a perfect plugin which is already available in either the WordPress Plugin Repository or in the Marketplaces.

WordPress is a very powerful content management system (CMS) and comes with lots of useful features. However, if you need more functions other than their default, they allow you to add new features by installing plugins. Plugins are available for as free and paid.

Installing the plugin to WordPress is very beginners friendly. Though, you should know yourself how to install a plugin on your own. Installing a plugin is one of the essential tasks for any website owner.

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how quickly you can add a new plugin to your site.

There are three different ways to install a wordpress plugin on your WordPress site, they are-

  1. Install a WordPress Plugin from the Plugins Store
  2. Uploading a Plugin from the Dashboard
  3. Uploading a Plugin via FTP

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Now, Let’s start with the very first one.

Method 1: Install a WordPress Plugin from the Plugins Store

A fresh WordPress installation comes with two default plugins – Akismet and Hello Dolly. Akismet protects your site from unwanted or spam comments. This plugin is a very useful plugin for them who wanted to allow comments on their site. In another hand, Hello Dolly is a dummy plugin. You can find all your plugins on the WordPress dashboard. Go to “Plugins” function and click on “Installed Plugins” page.

wordpress installed plugin page

Now, to add a new plugin, go to “Plugins” and then click on “Add New” button at the top. In another case, you can go to “Plugins” then “Installed Plugins” and click on the ‘Add New’ button at the top. Next page will take you to WordPress plugins store.

wordpress add plugin page

You can find a lot of free WordPress plugins from here on the add plugins page. The default page will show you the featured plugins tab. You can also browse the popular and recommended plugins. If you know the name of your plugin, you can use the search box to find. You can also search plugins by author and tag name.

Each plugin comes with some beneficial information. You can check user ratings, numbers of ratings, numbers of active installs, last update and compatibility with the plugin. This information helps to find out the most suitable plugin for your need.

Once you have found your plugin, click on the “Install Now” button on the plugin box. This action will download and install a wordpress plugin on your site.

From the same page, you can either activate the plugin or get back to the plugins page. Therefore, that is how you can install a WordPress plugin from the plugins store.

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Method 2: Uploading a Plugin from the Dashboard

Now, let’s discuss how to upload and install a WordPress plugin from the WordPress dashboard. To install a wordpress plugin in this method, you need the zip file of the plugin.

You can get free plugins from the official WordPress plugin directory. To do that, go to official site and select any theme and download the zip file by clicking on the “Download” button.

wordpress plugin download

If you are downloading the plugin from another source, extract the zip file of the plugin from the downloaded file.

Now, go to “Plugins” and click on “Add New” from the dashboard. Next, click on the “Upload Plugin” from the page.

wordpress plugin upload

After that, click on the “Choose File” button, select the zip file of the plugin and click on the “Install Now” button.

If you follow everything correctly, the plugin will be uploaded and installed on your site successfully. In this step, you will see a screen like the below screenshot –

installing wordpress plugin

Same as previous method, you will have two options from this page. You can activate the plugin or return to the plugins page from the options.

Method 3: Install a WordPress Plugin via FTP

We come to the end of this tutorial. Let’s discuss the last method to install plugins on WordPress. This process quite complicated if you not familiar with FTP. Although, there have a lot of tutorials present on the internet about FTP. Try this method only if you failed to install your plugin with previous two methods. However, there have nothing to worry if you cannot. I will explain everything in a very easy way to follow to install plugins via FTP.

Before the start, get the zip file of the plugin. I have discussed in the previous method how to get one. Once you have the zip file, extract it to your computer with any zip extractor.

Now, open any FTP client and connect to FTP server. I prefer to use FileZilla. Find out the “wp-content” folder under “WordPress” folder. Next, open the “Plugins” folder. Now, copy the extract plugin folder from your computer to the “plugins” folder. Before closing the FTP client, make sure all files transfer successfully.

upload file with FTP

Now, get back to your WordPress dashboard and go to the Plugins. Next, click on the “Installed Plugins” page, you will find the plugin you just uploaded via FTP. You can activate, deactivate, edit or delete the plugin from this page.


Installing a wordpress plugin is a very simple process even zero programming skill. Also, adding a plugin for the new function is very beneficial owners. However, using many plugins could have an unfavorable impact on website performance. That is why I suggest to install and activate only those plugins that are necessary for you. Also, do not forget to delete those plugins you are no longer using. Moreover, don’t install any wordpress plugin from unknown sources. They might include malicious and harmful code and shut your site for bad.

After complete this guide, I can assure you that you know every about installing new plugins on a WordPress site. Although, if you are still facing any trouble, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I will try my best to solve your problem.

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