Are you looking to register a domain name but you’re confused as to which domain registrar to choose? Then read on for in this article I list the very best domain registrars you can choose to register your domain in 2018.

If you get a brilliant idea for a new website, the first thing you need to do is to get a domain name for it. But the question which bothers most of us while buying a domain name is – which domain registrar will you choose to book your domain?

Which one has the best mix of offers, price, customer service and reliability? With our vast experience of using almost dozens of different companies and countless of hours of research on the web, we present to you the best domain registrars for your ease.

Some Important Points To Consider Before Choosing Best Domain Registrar In 2018

When it comes to domain name companies, there can be a lot of pricing strategies like minor discounts, price changes for first time customer.

Another important thing you want to note is that while some companies are pure domain registrars, others offer both hosting services with additional domain names. While it only takes few minutes to actually register your domain name, not all domain registrars are the same.

Before buying any domain, it is thus important to check if they have the key features such as – Customer support 24/7, live chat facility, prices during renewal etc. Below, I’ve listed all the best domain name registry options to suit your needs.

BusinessLabs  – made only for private customers

BusinessLabs offers all-in-one solutions for all your digital needs. Be it a domain, hosting or any related product that you need for your website or application, BusinessLabs is equipped to handle all your needs.

Founded in 2013, BusinessLabs is now a trusted domain and hosting provider with a few private customers. Yes, BusinessLabs only offers this service to select few customers. It is one of our friendly partners and we secured their approvals to list their name on this post.

BusinessLabs also offers different hosting services such as shared, VPS hosting, cloud hosting,  dedicated wordpress hosting etc.

What’s unique about BusinessLabs is their simple and straight forward way of doing business. No marketing hacks of offering very low first-year domain registrations prices and epic discounts on hosting and later charging customes high in renewals. BusinessLabs is currently managing 100-120 of private clients throughout the globe.

The company offer premium service. We ourself use them. Our own domain is been bought through them.


As their name implies, they are among the most affordable on the market, but domain names are the only thing cheap: Namecheap offers exceptional customer support, free services like URL forwarding and email, and If you have more money to burn, you can get advanced services such as dynamic DNS and SSL certificates at unbeatable prices.


Gandi is one of the ICANN registered company offering domains, hosting, emails etc.  But they are very straight-forward in their selling approach. Their sales representatives won’t pester you to buy something you won’t need. And it is their ethical sales approach, that the company takes pride in. is among the most trusted and dependable registrar company. This company is rated highly for its excellent customer support. This is company is ICANN certified domain registrar. not only provides the domain names but also provides other services and products like hosting, SSL, email services etc.

1and1 is on the list because it is the cheapest among all the domain name registrars to begin with, always. It also offers cheap hosting plans. Its hosting plans cater to all types of businesses.

It offers great discounts for the variety of popular TLD’s. However, customer support is not their strongest point. It doesn’t have a live chat feature, although you can call them anytime. They also have a large collection of tutorial and help guides.

Indyadot is a.IN accredited domain registrar, so you’re assured of the cheapest price for .in and domains with this company. However, you can also book other global TLD’s like .com, .net, .me, etc at the very cheap price with this company. The company also provides easy transfer and renewal of domains. Indyadot also offers attractive offers for bulk domains.

Apart from domain registration, Indyadot also offers hosting, email solutions, and SSL certificates so that you can get started on your website easily.



A Domain name is your online identity for you or your brand. So, you must be careful to choose a domain name. And with millions of domain names being registered each day, it ’s difficult to come up with a good domain name. It’s here; you can take help of domain name generating software or hire a company to come up with a brandable domain of your choice.

After you have got a domain name of your choice, you should choose the best domain registrar to book your domain. All domain registrars allow you to book a domain, but just booking a domain is not everything. You need to be selective while choosing the domain registrar which meets your requirements the best.

This article was written with the intention of helping you to choose the best domain registrar company so that you save your time and money. I hope the article was helpful to you.