Online marketing has been the trendy topic of the 21st century and yes, almost every individual is planning to set things up on an online platform.

Having a website is no big deal, agree? But, building as per your desire takes effort and time. There are many themes and plugins available but, some people are different, and they want it different which is good so, for all those people who want to build and modify their website but, are lacking in time, here’s the deal! Today, I have featured some of the so-called genii in building websites, and honestly, you just have to dream the way you want it to, and they’ll make it possible by creating the perfect website for you.

I have personally used their services, and I was more than satisfied with their work. They not only are web designers but, some of them offer much more services, and it’ll be clear by the end of this article.

Following are some of the Best Website Designers from India, and I’ve listed their name, website, and skills down below:

Hari V.G

As I said earlier, there aren’t just web designers; they are all-rounders. Hari V.G.  provides much more services than just web designing. He is more famous with the word ‘cyberhari’ which is legit since he is in the field from more than seven years and he has dominated the internet throughout his period and he is still doing it exceptionally well. Hari v.g is a freelancer from Kerala.

His skills are web designing, programming, branding, seo and social marketing as well. He has satisfied over 500 clients in his seven years of freelancing, and he still keeps going on.

He has worked on websites like Red Orange and Dear Homes, haven’t heard of it?

RED ORANGE– Red Orange is a company which offers global supplying and procurement of materials.

Well, now since you have a clear idea of what projects he has worked on, do check the designer’s website:

Pavan Kumar

Another exceptional web designer on the list, Pawan Kumar is from Hyderabad, and he has been doing freelancing for quite a time now, and he is the person with talent and experience.

He is not only a web designer but also, a seo optimizer, and he provides other services such as graphic design, SMM, and SEM.

Some of his works include web designing of Metro city and Geo Map Quiz. Haven’t heard of it before? It is an independent society which aims to create awareness about maps, remote sensing, and GPS.

Check out the official website of Pawan Kumar where you can collect more intel on him and his services.


S Charles

S. Charles is a web designer and a PHP developer from Chennai, and he has been doing fantastic work for almost ten years.

In such a long period he has served over 700+ happy clients and his service has always been on time and excellent. Not only his developing skills are top notch but he provides services like UL design, Design perception, SEO, Pay per click management, etc.

He has worked for sites like NibDuck and zone4homes. Haven’t heard of it?

Zone4Homes- It is a renting and selling website for householders.


Check out S.Charles work on his official website:

Venkat Nagaram

Venkat Nagaram has worked on both web and mobile platforms. He has been doing amazingly well in his field, and he has an experience of almost eight years.

From responsive web design to SEO, UI development and front-end development, he offers a plethora of services.

He has worked on websites such as Vega entertainment and Masters Business solution. Haven’t heard of it before?

Vega entertainment- It is an entertainment solution company offering service from movie production to content distribution.

Check out Venkat Nagaram official website:

Amit Malhotra

Amit Malhotra is a web designer and graphic designer from Gurgaon, India. He has worked with more than 200 clients on various projects. He’s been doing freelancing for the past 13 years, and he is performing absolutely well in this field. He is one of the best web designers in India.

A few of his projects include web designing of Baud technologies and Jivine. Haven’t heard of it?

Baud technologies– They aid business to establish themselves in the economic strategy consulting and system integration. Website:

Check out Amit Malhotra official website:

Tara Prasad

Tara Prasad is a web designer with ten years of experience. He offers a wide array of services regarding HTML5, CSS, JQUERY, MYSQL, etc at an affordable price.

His work includes website like call4loan and treasure words. Haven’t heard of it? -call4loans- It is an insurance company in the United Kingdom.


Check out Tara Prasad’s official website:

To Conclude

These were some of the best designers whom we found out from during our research. Every designer been mentioned above are highly skilled, and you can expect the best from them. To maintaining the site and managing it and to creating the perfect website for you. These web designers can do anything.

If you are a designer and have a great portfolio to showcase, please do comment below.

If you know such a great website designer, please do comment below your references. We would be grateful to you.