With this post today, I am privileged and overwhelmed to initiate Web Design Show Daily Roundups of some of the Best Web Designs.

We at Business Labs would post every single day, 5 days a week, curation of some best-designed websites.

There is no capping as to the number of websites we will mention on a daily basis. As we go further in time, this daily curation post activity will turn into the competition program.

Web Design Show will be the showcase program among the web designers. As we progress further(cannot promise the day of WebDesign Show Contest Initiation); web designers shall submit few websites designed by them.

Few of the received entries will be filtered to find of few best web designs. The daily post will feature, as usual, the best web designs of the day. The only change would be that instead of we(I and my team) curating the list of best websites from all over the internet, we will pick few of the best website designs from the entries received from web designers.

On the daily post “Best Web Designs of the day”, we shall mention the list of best websites along with its Designer Name and other crucial information. It will help you all to get married to the web designer in case; you loved the site you stumbled upon – luckily 😉

10 Best Web Designs of the Day – 1 Sept 2016

I would request some power from you. Today I have curated some of the best websites, its designer information and copied the homepage screenshot for your tangible experience.

I am confident that today’s list will help you get better with understanding the new trends these websites have set.

HTML BOUTIQUE – “Best Web Designs of the Day”

Best Web Designs - HTML Boutique

This website uses the best color combinations. Proper shades of orange, white and black. The team of HTML Boutique makes the visitor feels rich.

Proper utilization of fonts – its sizes and styles.

Nicely designed responsive web design by none other than the team itself – “HTML Boutique”

August – “Best Web Designs of the Day”

Best Web Designs - madebyaugust

Best Web Design - madebyaugust - section2

A very differently designed website for web design agency. The designer of this site did a great job to showcase the industry focus where they deal.

Proper utilization of fonts – its sizes and styles. Best attention grabbing cursor or mouse-over use.

Nicely designed responsive web design by none other than the team itself – “August.”

Message In A Bottle – “Best Web Designs of the Day”

Best Web Designs - Message In A Bottle home page design

The website for a purpose to save plastics. The designer created this website, meets the goal.

White, black, blue and a bit of pink to spread the love for nature.

Andrew Couldwell designed this website.

There are a lot of things happening in BusinessLabs, and for my brain child ‘Web Design Show.’

I was able to go through few 40 emails I been pitched by the web designers. These emails were in response to my Facebook and Linkedin Invitation Posts to share their best-designed websites. I travelled over 65 websites across 5 countries 😉 and found these three websites which I love the most. I will keep updating this post in case any new entries fits on this post.

We(I and my team) will keep updating a post every day; five days a week under the flag “Best Web Designs of the Day”. I will get more power to do this if you show some love sharing this article to all your followers.

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