In the series “Best Web Designs of the Day” this is the second post.

I was unable to post it yesterday as there were over 25 web designs to review. All these websites were substantially designed. In each of these websites, there was something unique. I took a little additional time to review all the 25 website designs which I received from over 14 web designers across the world.

Addition to it, I also researched over 40 website designs from the Internet.

This post, today, you would get to see some of the best website designs and the designer behind the scene.

Best Web Designs of the Day – 3 Sept 2016

For more better experience, you can click on the website name, and you will land to website specific entry or post to check out the reviews we made for each website design.

I am confident that from today’s list with surely help you with many ideas. Either you would be able to create your or your client’s portfolio and corporate websites.

Susa Ventures – Best Clean Website Design


susa ventures clean website design home page

Susa Ventures knew to be a growing family of dreamers and builders.

Co-Founded by Chad Byers, Leo Polovets & Seth Berman

Susa Ventures is named after a Mountain Gorilla family in Rwanda called the Susa Family. These gorillas are extraordinary (and awesome!), as they were one of the first species on earth to organize into strong family groups. This idea of bringing together a unique group of individuals to form a strong family and community was the genesis behind the fund. Come join the family!

This website is designed By Dave Soderberg & Bojan Wilytsch

Romain Passelande – Portfolio Website Design

Romain Passelande best portfolio website design

An award winning website designer from Paris, France.

I have had the opportunity to work for EDF, Total, Val d’lsere, Somfy & Abondance.

This website is designed By none other than the designer itself – Romain Passelande

Alexandre Rochet – Portfolio Website Design

World of Oil – Simple Corporate Website Design

Today, I have got only 4 of the best website designs to inspire your web design decisions.

I have over 30 more emails from web designers across globe yet not read.

I hope, possibily, we can get few score of best website designs by Next working day.

We(I and my team) will keep updating a post every day; five days a week under the flag “Best Web Designs of the Day”. I will get more power to do this if you show some love sharing this article to all your followers.

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