Need to clone a WordPress website?

This article will help you clone a WordPress website in just 5 easy steps.

Cloning defined as the act of producing a copy of the other. Cloning is a term widely used in website creation or website design; to mean copying a concept from one website to another.

‘Making a clone of a website’ implies the act of creating a website that is similar to the other and not necessarily a complete copy of the design and features. Cloning is a term that is also meant to making a duplicate of an entire website. Cloning a WordPress site mean to make a copy of an existing website. If your site is still on the local server and you want to learn how to move from local to live server please click here.

You may need to clone your site on many situations. Like, when you are building a new site but the design of your existing site needs to be duplicated.

Cloning is a legal act, and one needs not to worry as long as one is not against any IPS, trademarks or copyrights of others.

how to clone a wordpress website

Cloning a website or even cloning a WordPress website has various benefits and some of which includes:

  • Moving a WordPress site to a new webhost or new subdomain; or new domain. It saves one the agony of starting from scratch. It helps to redeem one’s time and work. It is an ideal practice if one aspires to have quality and scalable sites since there is no development time and cost.
  • Cloning a website operates on the principle of improving what is already there. Cloning a website gives someone enough time and insights to come up with much better ideas. Since the idea is built on inspirations from other sites.
  • It is a cost effective way of developing a WordPress site.

How do you clone a WordPress site?

There are numerous WordPress plugins which can be used for cloning a word press website.

These plugins can be obtained from the WordPress repository or from the plugins developer’s website. I have placed the links to each of the plugins site or the place from where you can get a plugin download.

Backup Buddy –  a WordPress plugin to clone a WordPress website.

backup buddy wordpress plugin

Backup Buddy is a backup plugin for WordPress site. It is a plugin the is used for backup in WordPress. However, It is also used to restore Site from backup. It is one of the favorite plugins for many bloggers and widely used by wordpress users.

How to use the backup buddy to clone your WordPress website.

The process is easy, and anybody can operate following the instructions.

  • The first step is to install and activate the Backup Buddy plugin.
  • The plugin will insert a new backup buddy tab in the WP Admin.

The next step will be to click on it, and a WordPress wizard will appear as below.

wordpress wizard to clone wordpress website

The process of filling in is easy, as you only need enter your email address and password. The password should be one that is easy to remember.

  • Next is to select the location to restore the word press backups, the last option allows you to set up automatic backups.
  • Backup Buddy lets you store your backups on cloud services like stash Amazon Rack space and Dropbox. Backups may be retained on your email or own server.
  • Finally yet importantly click on the save setting button to continue.

Backup your word press site.

Once you are done with backup buddy plugin configuration, the backup process will automatically begin. Moreover, when it the backup is done, it will give the option of downloading the backup. Another alternative will be to send backup to a remote destination.

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create back up step in cloning wordpress website

After successfully saving your backup, the site can be cloned by moving to the backup buddy tab in admin and roll over the tab to obtain another tab called ‘Restore /Migrate.’ Click on it to create a new page and download the following files.

  • Import buddy .php file
  • Existing backup zipped file already created.

restore or migrate step in cloning the wordpress website

Fresh backups can always be created by visiting the backup buddy backup page.

back up of site while cloning wp site

Upload files to a new location

Up until now, you have a backup of your site; the next step will be to upload them to the new location. The new location would mean where you want to clone your site. This could be a live website or a site on your local server. If it is on the local server, then the process will just be to copy and paste the files in a folder under wamp server but ensure the file is empty. D:\wamp\www\yournewsite\

On the other hand, if it is a live site, the files will be uploaded to the root directory using FTP client or any other uploading tool. However, make sure the folder is empty with no other file and folders apart from the two we have downloaded in step 2 above. (Backup zip file and importbuddy.phpfile)

Import the files.

Open the file import buddy.php in the browser, found at URL like.


Enter the import buddy password (the password created earlier in step 1) and click on Authenticate.

Once this is done the import buddy will have found the backup zip file, click on the next step button to continue.

Next, perform six easy and straightforward operations. The operations will be on six different windows. These simple activities include:

  • Choose backup file location. Import Buddy removes your backup file, after finishing click on the next button.
  • Set the URL and new Database setting that is new database name, username, and password
  • Test database settings if everything is ok, this is what will be displayed.

testing database setting while cloning a wordpress website

Click on the next button.

  • Import buddy will import your word press database, click on the next button to continue.
  • Import buddy will Check the clones site to ensure everything is ok by running some tests.

Delete the temporary files

Lastly, on the import buddy screen, click on the cleanup and remove temporary files button and delete. All the temporary files created during the cloning process are removed.

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At this point, you have succeeded in cloning your word press site. You can agree to the fact that it is an easy step by step process, and you can always duplicate your word press site.

In the case of challenges, we will be glad to take you through as we invite your comments, feedback, and questions to ensure all is well.

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