Creating a DIVI Child Theme was one of the frequently asked questions by the Divi Community. So we thought to post on creating a child theme for DIVI.

There is a lot of excitement about designing your own WordPress site using a theme. It’s simple to create until there are theme updates or WordPress core updates and you find your site is broken.

So, what do you do then? You got more control over sudden changes in the theme due to theme updates by using a Child Theme.

You might be wondering, what is a child theme?

Simply put, a child theme is a core theme that inherits the design and functionalities of a parent theme. It keeps all the functionalities of the parent theme. With a child theme, you can easily customize your parent theme without changing the codes within the parent theme directly. With this arrangement, your customizations always remain safe.

If you get an update on your parent theme, your customizations are there on the child theme folders and hence your website is not broken.

Let us discuss the advantages of using a child theme: 

  1. If you directly change codes within your parent theme and if its updated, its all lost.
  2. It’s easier to test out your CSS changes using a Child Theme.
  3. Modifications to a parent theme may break the code and cause issue while its easier to do changes using a child theme. And, one of the constant features of DIVI Theme by Elegant themes is to push constant updates. DIVI Team (The Elegant Themes Team) updates the theme every Monday as they release a new niche specific website DIVI Layouts. Every week, they improvise their core DIVI, and hence an update.

It’s sometimes annoying to receive updates even within a week. But, we the DIVI users, The DIVI Lovers will never wish to leave these updates as DIVI is the part of our core business. Here is a Detailed DIVI THEME REVIEW if you wish to learn more about DIVI.

So, learning to create a child theme could prove to be handy for everyone (new website designers or old DIVI Users) using DIVI.

If you’ve followed other posts on the website and is wondering whether this would be another tutorial which would be very complicated, then leave your worries. I would be teaching creating the child theme of Divi in a very easy manner.

So, let’s dive into it. Let’s create a Child theme for DIVI.

If you are a member of Elegant themes and already have Divi theme, then read ahead.

We have three ways of doing this.

  1. Let us do it for you for Free for your brand new WordPress Installation. But yes, if you wish, you can send coffees post we do it for you.
  2. You can Install this plugin and read below.

This plugin allows you to quickly create child themes from any theme that you have currently installed on your site/blog.

It also creates rtl.css if exists in the parent theme.

This video covers you how you can create a child theme for Divi in just a few seconds.

3. Create a Child Theme for Divi manually yourself.

Just to let you know, the Divi Child Theme that you will create must have the following:

Style.css file to customize the design by adding your own CSS for your website design.
It will also have a functions.php file which is actually a link between your parent and child theme. You can write your code if you need to customize the functionality. And, a default Screenshot.png which is an image to show the child theme image within the WordPress admin panel. These three files are the main components of any child theme – be it Divi or anything else.

While creating the Divi Child theme, other files will be used further to help you in customizations.
Header.php file which makes it easy for you to add any customization to the header of the site.
Follow this great article directly from the developers of DIVI, the ElegantThemes which showcases you the steps to do while creating the Divi Child Theme manually.

Now that you have the Divi Child Theme installed, you need to activate it.

Activate and done.

Now you can customize the design of your website by adding custom CSS to the style.css file inside the child theme using FTP / Cpanel depending on your server you use. By using this option of having a Divi child theme you have the ability to not only change the design but also customize the header and dashboard login.

Wasn’t it pretty easy and quick?

Let me know if you faced any issue during installation of the child theme. You can always seek our help and we have pretty few experts to help you out.

We’ll be hanging around. So, drop in a comment and I will reply as soon as I can.