Divi Theme Review – The Ultimate Theme for WordPress

This review is based on our personal experience using DIVI and other ET products on our own websites. We get commission from Elegant Themes when any of our readers purchase using links from our website.

Beautiful Website Pages

Easily Create Beautiful Pages with Divi Page Builder.

Drag and Drop

DIVI’s drag and drop builder has everything to help you get a website as easy as 1.2.3..

Making a website visually

Yes, DIVI is a drag and drop visual builder. The ultimate visual builder.
Review in Gist
Here are important aspects we’have tried to cover in this review of DIVI


The review starts with a humor, you can say that. Yes.

Understanding Divi WordPress Theme

Divi is a WordPress Theme which comes with it’s in-built ultimate drag-and-drop visual builder.

Pricing and Plans

DIVI is a flagship product of Team Elegant Themes. We’ve discussed more on this.

Easy to create beautiful pages with DIVI

The WordPress backend is not very intuitive or visual and DIVI makes it intuitive and complete.

Divi Theme and Divi Page Builder Plugin

Yes, don’t get confused. These are two different things. We’ve covered this in the review.

How to use DIVI Visual Builder

We show here how easy it is to create beautiful, conversion friendly pages using DIVI  .

Divi Powerful Role Editor

You can decide what your client’s can have access to – your client shouldn’t mess up.

Store your customizations and re-use

Design a page and re-use entire page or some parts or sections of it in your other websites.

Split Testing

Setup variations of same elements or sections or entire page. Test which one converts more.

Customer Support

We vouch their customer support. Trust us, you will never regret.
When you know and understand the end user’s problem, you can create a focused solution that strikes hard and true at heart of the problem.

The problem that DIVI seeks to solve is visual website development. DIVI is both a website builder as well as a wordpress theme (by Elegant Themes).

You might think to create a beautiful website, one has to know how to do handle HTML or PHP coding. However, using DIVI Theme by Elegant Themes, you can unleash your creativity within just a few clicks.

In this DIVI theme review, we will see what makes DIVI theme unique. We will share an overview of each of the features of DIVI Theme and DIVI Page Builder.

We will see how web development agencies or freelance website designers, can leverage the DIVI Library and DIVI Role Editors to reuse customized layouts across multiple websites.

Finally, we move on to seeing how DIVI Leads can be utilized to deploy A/B tests and optimize the conversion rates.

Understanding Divi WordPress Theme

When you will be designing your website with Divi theme and its page builder, you will be focused completely on the design process. This is a very important feature because coding involves a learning curve and it could potentially complicate the design process – and no one wants to mix design and code processes together!

With Divi, you don’t need to know how to code, you don’t need to be a master of development. Just drag and drop the elements you need, Divi automatically creates your code in the background. As you make changes and customize their layouts, Divi also handles all the code changes without you having to fiddle with the code.

Each blog post in Divi can have its own layout with multiple sections. Within each section, you can get 30+ pre-built elements to use directly or to customize. Don’t get confused with Divi Page Builder and Divi Theme; the Divi Page Builder is one plugin that is included in Divi Theme and all the themes under the Elegant Themes Membership.

What is the price of Elegant Themes Membership?

A coder doesn’t need to know designing principles, and a designer doesn’t need to know how to code.

These are two completely different skill sets and mastering each one individually is difficult. To master both of them together takes a hell lot of time and dedication. Elegant Themes have designed the Divi WordPress theme around this principle.

Divi is a product of Elegant Themes. To access the Divi theme download page, you have to be the member of Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes Membership which gives you access to all of their plugins and themes for one flat fee.

Elegant themes have two pricing options:

Get It All For One Low Price

Join 437,821 customers and get access to Divi, The Divi Builder, Bloom, Monarch and more for the price of one theme from anywhere else!

Yearly Access

Access To All Themes (You get full access to all of the themes in our gallery, as well as all new themes created while you are a member)

Access To All Plugins (You get full access to all of the themes in our gallery, as well as all new themes created while you are a member)

Theme Updates

Premium Support

Unlimited Website Usage

Risk-Free Guarantee

One Time Fees

Lifetime Access

Access To All Themes (You get full access to all of the themes in our gallery, as well as all new themes created while you are a member)

Access To All Plugins (You get full access to all of the themes in our gallery, as well as all new themes created while you are a member)

Theme Updates

Premium Support

Unlimited Website Usage

Risk-Free Guarantee

One Time Fees

The important thing to note here is that Elegant Themes includes ALL of its plugins and themes in each plan. So, when you are buying Divi, you also all of its sister products like:

  • Divi Page Builder Plugin
  • Bloom Email Opt-in Plugin
  • Monarch Social Sharing Plugin
  • Divi Theme – The most popular theme *includes the drag-and-drop Divi builder plugin!)
  • Extra Theme – a magazine type theme.

Apart from this, you also get unlimited access Elegant Theme’s full gallery of 87 professionally-designed, beautiful-looking themes. And all of this for a low price of $89 per year or $249 for a single-purchase, lifetime license! The best part is they’re all multi-site enabled i.e. you can use them on one site or hundreds of client sites without paying anything extra.

Easily Create Beautiful Pages with Divi Page Builder
As we have already seen, the whole of Elegant Themes membership is very affordable for individuals and agencies.

Now let’s look at the first component of Divi theme i.e. the Divi Page Builder with visual editor which is the heart and soul of this theme.

The WordPress backend is not very intuitive or visual. You don’t really get an idea how anything will look when your post is published.

So, every time you want to customize any element, you have to go to your theme options panel and do the changes there.

Then after you are done with the changes, you have to click “Preview” button to open a new tab which shows how your changes affect the output. So, you cannot preview a page while you are typing it.

Divi Page Builder plugin solves this problem in two ways:

  • It is a complete visual page builder meaning you can type and design at the same time on the final page.
  • Divi comes in with over 46 content elements. Image, text, and call-to-action buttons – you name it and Divi has it. It also packs several beautiful-looking professional Divi layouts which you can use directly or customize them as per your need.

When you buy Elegant Themes Membership, you get the Divi Theme (with in-built features of Divi Page Builder plugin).

It means, when you install the Divi Theme, you get the page builder features inbuilt in the theme(you don’t need divi page builder plugin separately). Also, you get all the other themes – Elegant Theme’s professionally designed themes collection.

You also get Bloom (opt-in form plugin) and Monarch (social sharing plugin). These are useful tools that will help grow your business and your website.

Started Loving Divi?
Yes, we know. Everyone who ever used it have loved it.

1. It helps make website faster

and grow online business faster.

2. It is getting secured.

Team ElegantThemes making the DIVI much more safer and secured.

3. Interactive Team

Super interactive and supportive team the DIVI aka. ET has.

There are chances that you like any other theme and may want to use only Divi Page Builder. So what’s the difference between the two – Divi theme and the divi page builder plugin?

Difference between Divi Theme and Divi Page Builder Plugin

Divi Theme has inbuilt features of the Divi page builder, no need to install the divi page builder plugin separately. In addition to the Divi Page Builder features in-built, Divi Theme offers a powerful Module Customizer.

Even though, you get tons of pre-formatted modules, sometimes you may have a particular design in mind but the module does not capture as you want it. So you would want to customize that Divi Module.

Of course, every Divi section/row/module can customized as you are adding them to your page, but their basic settings (as stored in the Divi Theme) never changes. Every time you use them, you have to customize it again. But with Divi Module Customizer, you can customize the original version of multiple Divi modules from one central location. This customizer is available with Divi Theme.

But if you are using any theme other than Divi with the Divi page builder plugin, you will have to save your module to Divi Library and access it while constructing each page.

If you are using the Divi Page Builder plugin with any other theme (not from Elegant Theme’s membership), you might have to deal with some CSS conflicts.

I also faced this issue once – but one support ticket with team Elegant Themes and they gave me the code and exact files where I had to add this code. Their support is extremely helpful.

Using the Divi Drag-and-Drop Visual Page Builder

review of divi wordpress theme Before starting with Divi, I must introduce you to a new style of organizing page elements.

Without Divi, your web page was just a collection sections, paragraphs, images, buttons, etc.

With Divi, your page consists of multiple sections. Each section consists of multiple rows and each row can contain one or more “modules”. These modules are nothing but front-end elements.

For example, a “text” module for paragraphs, an “image” modules for pictures. Or, a “Call to Action” module to place CTA buttons on your sales and review pages. You can create a custom layout this way, or you can open any of pre-made layouts from the Divi Library.

Divi Page Builder comes in two avatars:

  • Backend Page Builder
  • Visual (Frontend) Page Builder

Divi’s Visual Builder is where all the magic happens.

When you start creating a new post, you first will see the Backend Editor.

To enable the Visual (Frontend Builder), check the buttons you need to click in the below image.

Divi Theme review by WebDesign Show - enabling the visual builder in Divi

You will create your page using the Frontend editor where you will add sections/rows/modules directly on the final page.

It follows a bottom-up approach – you will be doing live edits to the final page.

Since you will be following a visual approach, you won’t be dealing with any of the usual WordPress backend controls. Divi Theme review by WebDesign Show - Using the Divi Frontend Builder is very easy The Backend builder is Divi’s amazing capabilities merged with the traditional WordPress backend.

You will be seeing both – a WordPress backend and layout/controls of your page along with all the powerful options like Divi Library and Divi Page Elements.

It is important to note that this view does not take away anything from the functionality; it just delivers the same functionality in a slightly different way.

It uses the same section-row-module as levels of elements, and you can see all the changes at the time of design without opening a new page for preview.

You can simply right click, and click option “preview”. That’s it.

Divi Theme review by WebDesign Show - How the Backend Builder looks like

Started Loving Divi?
Yes, we know. Everyone who ever used it have loved it.

1. It helps make website faster

and grow online business faster.

2. It is getting secured.

Team ElegantThemes making the DIVI much more safer and secured.

3. Drag and Drop visual website builder

Make websites as you see buiding in front end.

Using Divi is already very easy as you are not dealing with code at all. But often you may need to lock a design element or save it to a library. Few other features are also available through right-click context menus for quick access.

Just right click on the screen and you will see this:

Divi Theme Review by WebDesignShow - Right click on divi page builder

The creators of Divi also understand that sometimes creative process isn’t straightforward.

It may require many revisions and that means many undo and redo operations. Apart from easy undo options, you can also access the Divi layout history to redo any of your previous changes.

Responsive Testing is yet another feature that most Divi users have enjoyed. Majority of your customers or prospects are accessing your website through a mobile device. So it is imperative to consider all screen sizes.

As you are building your page with Divi, you can change screen sizes between Phone/Tablet/Desktop to see how your page/module will look like on those devices.

If you are a developer and want to play more with Divi to tune your designs, here is an official tutorial from Elegant Themes to work with responsive web design using media queries.

Creating Abstractions before Client Handoff with the Divi Role Editor

The Divi Role Editor is all about creating an abstraction for users within the Divi Theme.

If you have different WordPress users, each one has a fixed set of privileges.

The Subscriber or Contributor roles cannot publish an article, but an Administrator has site-wide access to everything!

Divi Theme review by WebDesign Show - Divi role editor

If you are a website designer/developer the role editor will help you big way. When you are finished customizing the website for a client, you can’t assume the client webmaster won’t try to tinker with your design. They will be looking to save money on customizations by trying to do it themselves.

But of course, as a designer you want to retain that control for yourself. With Divi Role Editor, you can assign different access permissions for the client’s users to restrict access to certain features in your Divi Theme.

Here’s what you get with Divi Role Editor:

Divi Theme review by WebDesign Show - Divi role editor options

This is just a glimpse of what you can do with the Editor. On the Role Editor screen, you can enable or disable several other granular settings like:

  • High-Level Theme Privileges
  • High-Level Theme Privileges
  • Divi Library Settings
  • Settings Types & Tabs
  • Individual Modules
  • Builder Interface

Even if you are a website owner and not the developer, the role editor saves you and your website.

You may hire editors and writers to write for you. You can retain some access to them so as to secure your website from being broken.

Started Loving Divi?
Yes, we know. Everyone who ever used it have loved it.

Store Divi Theme Customizations in Divi Library

The Divi Library is your global gallery where you will store your customized layout designs and your sections/rows/modules. Throughout your entire usage life cycle of Divi, you will be creating hundreds of beautiful customizations.

Every time you think you have perfected the design, simply save them in the Divi Library for using it multiple times. This allows you to reuse them directly without having to design them all over again from scratch.

For agencies, it enables them to export the design and layout settings to multiple websites having similar designs.

divi theme review - save in library-image-1

This function of Divi saves hours for me – Global Library Items

Divi provides yet another powerful feature called “Global Library Items”.

Unlike regular library items (which are created once, but never altered), Global items are synced across all their usage instances.

This simply means if any global library item is altered, the changes would be reflected on all pages where the same global module or global section is used. This means you can make the changes of global modules only once and through internally linked instances, Divi will update all the pages where the module is currently in use.

Even Global items can be configured to sync only settings but not the content of individual usages.

Split Test your Divi Theme Designs with Divi Leads

When you are designing sales pages or landing pages, you would typically start with one or two sections of content (i.e. the sales pitch), then you may make the customer read some testimonials, then finally you would want to lead them to a Call to Action button.

Now, in this entire journey from start to end, you should change the text or testimonials to see which of them makes the visitors click the CTA button and converts at the highest rate. This is what we call Split Testing and Divi Leads allows you to create and measure individual modules as subjects of split tests. divi theme review - split testing with divi theme

Divi Leads allows you create a test subject, create variations on it, and then designate a test goal. Every time the page is displayed, Divi will automatically show different variations to the users and collects different stats as the user moves down from the first section towards the CTA.

The stats collected in Divi Leads reports are:

  • Clicks
  • Sales
  • Conversions
  • Bounce Rates
  • Reads
  • Goal Engagement

The stats collected in Divi Leads reports - Divi Theme review by Web Design Show

Once you start the test, give it sufficient time to collect enough number of samples or else you won’t have enough data to choose the winning variation.


The Divi Page Builder plugin mentioned in this article is not needed to be installed if you are working with the Divi or Extra theme.

Divi Builder (Visual Builder and backend builder) are in-built with the DIVI Theme.

Divi Page Builder plugin is only needed if you have any other theme where this page builder is not in-built or if you are using any third-party theme.

Started Loving Divi?
Yes, we know. Everyone who ever used it have loved it.

Customer Support from Elegant Themes

Divi being one of the most popular themes with a drag-and-drop visual page builder, there are several websites which host Divi tutorials to help you leverage the power of Divi’s Visual Builder to the max.

Besides, Divi documentation from Elegant Themes is also a huge wealth of knowledge to understand and use the Divi theme in and out. Moreover, Divi now comes with inbuilt help section inside its page builder. Elegantthemes has all the documentations regarding all of its themes and plugins; they are not limited to only Divi Theme.

If you are a Elegant Themes customer, you can access to its support forum and get their experts help you on your troubles. In terms of human support, we have been using Divi on many of our sites and slowly we have enjoyed interacting with the customer support. They have been very helpful in helping us solve issues of all scales – major or minor.

Divi Theme Short Codes

Divi utilizes short codes in the background as you unleash your creativity through its various customization panels. You don’t have to worry about that them when you using Divi (they’re all managed automatically).

However, when you uninstall the Divi theme, these short codes will also be left because WordPress doesn’t have a “Theme Uninstall” button. It does not allow the theme to clean up its mess; it just pastes one theme on top of another. If this looks like a problem you may face, you can always keep using Divi page builder without using the Divi Theme.

Divi Theme Code Module

If you’re a coder, then you will love the new Core module update from Divi. Basically, it allows you to code within a page without affecting other pages. So, you can add HTML, CSS, JavaScript libraries within a page. 
You can use code module in a variety of ways. As a coder, you will find it very hand now that you don’t have to work with functions.php or enqueue scripts for uploading scripts to a page. It’s all made simpler within Divi.
Some of the example stuff you can build with the Divi theme is – use full-width code to build interactive quiz and questionnaires, build animation within the menu and top bar, integrate third-party plugins just for the single page. 
Possibilities are endless with the new code module update.


 From our own experience, we can say that Divi is one of the Best WordPress Theme we used – we even migrated many of our sites over time to Divi!

We don’t want to term Divi as a Best WordPress Theme, but it’s a whole lot more. Divi is a product in itself. Divi is an ecosystem in itself. Yes, you read it right.

Divi is Secure

WordPress is a fairly secure CMS. However, few vulnerabilities in WordPress do get exposed from time to time. So, you would like to select a theme which offers security. And Divi, don’t disappoint here too.

Sucuri, which is one of the popular and trusted security solution providers, has given Divi its seal of approval. So, that takes away all the doubts related to Security. 

Concluding our Divi Theme Review

Divi Theme has made it very easy for non-technical users to design their own websites. DIVI is one of the Best WordPress Themes we used.

Though Divi library and Divi Role Editor are immensely useful for web development agencies looking to improve their turnaround time.

For entrepreneurs who launch new products regularly, Divi Leads helps them run split tests and capture real-time data which helps them make well-informed marketing decisions.

Would you like to try Divi (the Best WordPress Theme) for Free?
Yes. You can try DIVI(the best WordPress Theme) for Free.