Extra Theme Review – The Ultimate Blogging  And Magazine Theme for WordPress

The above video is directly from the official Extra Theme Developers, The ElegantThemes.com This review is based on our personal experience using EXTRA theme  on our own websites. We get commission from Elegant Themes when any of our readers purchase using links from our website.


Awesome Design and Layouts

Designed specifically for blogs and magazines, Extra theme has awesome designs and layouts that makes your content stand out.

Divi Builder Tool

You can create bespoke page layouts using the Divi builder that is integrated within the Extra theme.

Publish Professional Reviews

If you are planning to publish review posts, you will find the Review Box Content Inputs Quite Attractive.

Extra is a magazine-based Theme from Elegant Themes, who are also known for Divi drag-and-drop page builder and the Divi theme.

Extra is a post-feed optimized theme designed to address the unique needs of mass content creator websites like blogs and online magazines. In this short but comprehensive review of the Extra theme by Elegant Themes, we will introduce you to all of its layouts and how you customize the theme to your need.

Extra theme review – Best WordPress Theme for Magazines and News Websites

When you produce a good amount of content, you must have a theme that highlights this content. In Extra theme, you get a beautifully designed homepage layout which includes a Featured Post Slider, a Posts Carousel, a Recent Tweets Widget, Social Widget to let your users connect with you on different social media channels.

The homepage layout is also customizable in a typical drag-and-drop based, Divi-powered website builder.

With a content-heavy blog, you would also want your users to be able to share the content. But the typical approach is to download a social share plugin. When using Extra, all the popular social share buttons are integrated within the theme.

It also includes a rating panel for all posts so that users can give their feedback. With Extra Theme, you won’t need additional social share or rating plugin that slow down your site making it unnecessarily heavy.

Category Builder extends Divi Page Builder for Extra WordPress theme

The Extra theme provides two types of layouts: Home Page and Category Page. When you click the “Extra” menu in the WordPress backend sidebar, you will see “Category Builder” as an option.

This Category Builder is where all the magic happens. With brand new modules customized for content-focused websites, you can customize your homepage or individual category page layouts to deliver unique, rich experiences for each category.

Note: These modules described in the section below are available in Extra theme only (and not in Divi Theme). The Code, Ads, Image, Text modules are available in both and hence out of scope in this detailed review fully focused on Extra Theme for Newspapers and Magazines.

The category builder offers 4 widget style modules and 2 feed style modules. Each module has a different style of layout the selected posts and they can be configured with one or more categories. The best part is each of these modules has a live preview available right within the settings window so you don’t have to switch tabs to see a preview.

In the settings of each module, you will see three tabs:

  • General Settings
  • Advanced Design Settings
  • Custom CSS

On the General Settings Tab, you can select the source category or assign more than one category for the module. If you select multiple categories, you can switch on the featured posts option to display only featured posts from each category.

There are several other basic settings on this tab. Refer to Elegant Theme Documentation on Category Builder for more details.

Advanced Settings tab offers granular customization settings for a whole bunch of typography options. If you want to add your customized CSS rules, you can create a CSS ID and/or a class name on the General Settings tab and then use them in Custom CSS tab to enter style rules for them.

The custom CSS tab offers over 10 different settings for adding your style rules. This insane level of control over styling gives you the complete creative freedom to craft your website appearance with the Extra magazine theme.

Started Loving Extra?

1. With Divi Builder

You make website easier grow your blog faster.

2. It is getting secured.

Team ElegantThemes making the EXTRA much more safer and secured.

3. Interactive Team

Super interactive and supportive team the Extra aka. ET has.

Posts Module in Extra Theme

The Posts module is designed to showcase a collection of up to 5 articles from one or more categories – one of them being a primary/active post.

Posts Carousel with Extra Theme

Unlike the Posts module (where posts are displayed statically like a list), the Posts Carousel module enables you to cycle through multiple post titles, displaying 4 of them at a time. Also, there is no post preview text on the Posts Carousel.

You can choose to rotate the carousel posts at a fixed interval by switching the autoplay option on. The Advanced Design Settings tab like all other modules provides a whole bunch of granular typography customization options.

When you hover the mouse pointer over a post in the carousel, by default the Extra theme shows a white “Plus” icon inside a dark gray overlay. You can customize the color of the overlay and select your favorite symbol from over 100 such symbols available.

Posts Slider in Extra Theme

Posts Slider module in the Extra Theme is essentially a full-width, single-post version of the carousel module. The slider displays the featured image of only one selected post at a time. Again, you can set an autoplay timer in the settings to cycle through the available posts.

It definitely grabs the visitor’s’ attention if your posts that have a creative featured image. Websites with aesthetic visuals (like fashion/food bloggers) will definitely want to use this as the first thing users see on the page.

You can change the post title background color and change its transparency to give it a dash of creativity. Don’t like the color? Use an image in the background of a featured post title.

Tabbed Posts

If you were to use the posts or posts slider module, all categories are mixed up on one tab. The Tabbed Posts module allows you to showcase multiple articles from multiple categories but each category has its own tab within the module.

For the blogger, it gives more content to show within a single control in an organized manner.

Started Loving Extra?

1. With Divi Builder

You make website easier grow your blog faster.

2. It is getting secured.

Team ElegantThemes making the EXTRA much more safer and secured.

3. Interactive Team

Super interactive and supportive team the Extra aka. ET has.

Blog Feed (Standard and Masonry Styles)

The Standard Blog Feed module in Extra Theme gives you a way to construct full-length category-specific pages. You can create a new layout in the Category Builder and use it as default layout for every category page.

When that category page loads, the theme shows posts specific to that category and the Standard Blog Feed layout arranges the selected posts as a list in the style of a professionally designed blog whose sorting you can control.

In this layout, Extra allows you to select multiple categories to supply posts in the feed.

The Masonry Blog Feed is a Nx2 organization of your posts i.e. it shows the posts from selected categories in a grid-style layout where each row has 2 posts and the number of rows increases depending on a maximum number of posts you have set in the settings.  

Custom Page Templates bundled with the Extra Theme Download

Extra Theme offers a group of elegantly designed templates which can be used for wide variety of page types. When you are creating a page, you can change the page template from the Page Attributes section in the right sidebar of WordPress backend

Select a page template to see other settings above or below the page content editor.

The full list of page templates packed with Extra Newspaper and Magazine Theme:

  • Authors – A page displaying only the names and description of Authors on your site (arranged as a grid.
  • Blog Feed – A list of blog posts with the title, featured image, post excerpt, and a Read More button for each post
  • Contact Form – A Google Map to show your business location and a typical 4-field contact form below it. (Requires Google API Key Configuration)
  • Member Page – For simple Login forms as a gate to access Members’ Area
  • Portfolio – A grid of your best projects to be used for portfolio showcase.
  • Sitemap
  • Timeline – A blog-feed-style layout that groups posts on a monthly basis.

Projects and Portfolio in Extra Theme

While it’s a great magazine theme, Extra isn’t made only for newspaper websites. It has a support for a new post type for a project where you can add an image gallery (to be displayed in a slider), project title and description and a link for viewing the project.

Each project page can have its own layout. Projects can have their own project categories and project skills (which are more like tags on a blog post) for better organization.

When you create a page with “Portfolio” template, all the “project” post types will be displayed on it in the layout you have used for the portfolio page. Every new project gets automatically added to the portfolio page.

This can be a very useful tool for creative content creators who post a lot of content but also need to showcase a portfolio of their visual projects. For example, a fashion blogger who also does wedding photography and makeup can use this page for showcasing his/her consultation clients.

WooCommerce Integration

When you install the WooCommerce plugin, it provides a clean, step-by-step tutorial to setup your eCommerce shop. The plugin itself will create all your pages like Shop page, checkout, Billing, etc.

Extra Theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce. Simply add a page with a “Shop” module and a Call to Action to create a fully-functioning WooCommerce shopping page enabled by the Extra Theme.

The folks at Elegant Themes recommend using WooCommerce and provide full support for the same (including WooCommerce shortcodes in the “Code” module). While the Extra theme doesn’t interfere with the functionality of WooCommerce, it doesn’t really support any other eCommerce plugin.

Started Loving Extra?

1. With Divi Builder

You make website easier grow your blog faster.

2. It is getting secured.

Team ElegantThemes making the EXTRA much more safer and secured.

3. Interactive Team

Super interactive and supportive team the Extra aka. ET has.

Ratings and Review System in Extra Theme

If you are running an eCommerce site on WordPress, you would obviously need a way for users to give a rating to the products they bought. In Extra theme, you can achieve this with the help of “Post Ratings”.

Post Ratings are simple star-based ratings which are enabled by default for every post you create. There are no categories in this. Users will see the post and rate it accordingly. You can use this on your product page as well.

This post rating system can be disabled globally via Theme Options, for a specific module on a global level (i.e. site-wide) through Module Customizer, or you can disable the rating at individual module level as well.

The Extra theme also provides a second, more comprehensive Review system which you can use to review products on your site. For example, if I am a writer, I can review the Grammarly Premium product and use the Review system in Extra theme to add multiple parameters and give a multi-step rating to the product.

On the backend, simply use the “Review Box Settings” panel under the post content area to add multiple breakdowns (i.e. product review parameter). Give each breakdown a percentage and update the post. On the front end, you can see an average rating plus and an individual rating for each parameter.

Widgets in Extra Theme

Extra Theme comes with a bunch of frequently commonly-needed functionality via the widgets.

  • Ads
  • Authors
  • Social Network Followers
  • Recent Comments
  • Recent Reviews
  • Recent Videos
  • Recent Tweets
  • Recent Posts
  • Login

These widgets can be found alongside other WordPress Widgets under Appearance > Widgets settings screen. The website loads faster as a result of using these widgets because there is no code extra code being added i.e. additional plugin

Pricing and Conclusion

Extra Theme is best suitable for newspaper and magazine sites. Because of its unique new modules for content display, you can easily highlight content on your blog in an organized manner.

Because it is bundled with the Divi Builder, all the features in the theme are easily customizable. There is also a live preview button inside every settings box.

Extra Theme is a part of Elegant Theme Membership which offers all of its themes and plugins for just $89 with a single-year, multi-site license. Lifetime membership of Elegant Themes costs $249 and includes the multi-site license.

Along with Divi and Extra Theme, you will also get Bloom plugin for creating opt-in forms and A/B testing and the Monarch plugin for social sharing.

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