Most of us marketers spend a lot of time in crafting out engaging landing pages. But we put a lot of money on the table by not optimizing the thank you page.

Thank you Pages on your site are a goldmine if optimized correctly. Sadly, we often neglect the thank you pages. In this blog post, we will learn some excellent tips that will help you optimize the thank you pages to increase the ROI of your page.

So, let us look at some unique ways you can use the thank you page so as to increase the ROI.

 1. Ask For Feedback

Thank you page gives you a perfect opportunity to interact with your customers and learn deeper about them. So, ask questions on your thank you pages. You can create a simple survey form or a quiz or use commenting feature to take the input of your users.

Some Tips that will come in handy while creating this page would be –

  • Keep it simple- Prioritize the few important questions for your customer. Don’t overwhelm the customer with irrelevant questions.
  • Inform them how long will it take-The customer shouldn’t think that they have to spend a lot of time, the thought of which may drive away the customers.
  • Use Google Form- You will get all the responses in a cool spreadsheet.

2. Add Links To Your Best Content

You can convert your Thank You Page into a resource page that would make you look like an authority as they perceive you as an expert in your area.

Those posts will further help your customer to make a purchase later. Another bonus would be that those page with resources might be shared on social media which will increase the Google love for your blog.

Examples of Post you can link –

  • Helpful Guides
  • Popular Posts
  • Resource Pages

3. Show Testimonials

Testimonials are social proof for your product and service. Flaunt them on your thank you page. This increases the rate of conversion as the user would feel confident enough to buy them. So, add your testimonials on your thank you page.

4. Ask Your User To Share Your Site

This works really well if you’ve given away something valuable. So, based on the principle of reciprocity, the user would be happy to share your blog with his friends.

The real social signals that you will get from real users is very valuable now that Google considers social signals as a ranking signal. And, while you may assume that your user would share your product/ service voluntarily, that is not true. So, ask them to share. And, thank you pages are the best place to do that, as they are in the mood to share after you’ve given something valuable.

5. Display Promotion

Since the visitors coming to the Thank You Page are already warmed up, we can guide them deeper into our funnel.So, we can use the thank you page for promotions like –

  • Offer/ Discount for New Subscribers
  • Training, Services or Events
  • Cross-Selling of Other Services
  • Upselling
  • Place Ads for affiliates, adsense

6. Ask to Complete the account if you’re in ecommerce space

In e Commerce, asking to register before buying is risky as you may lose out sales due to the lengthy registration process. So, if you don’t force the user to register before purchase, you can do that now. You can incentivize to sign up if you want with promo codes and other user benefits.

7. Add A Newsletter Opt-In / Email Course

You may be having an opt-in somewhere on the website. And, you may be adding all your leads to the newsletter. But you may be losing leads due to users not opting in hesitating to share their information before downloading. So, you can remove that simply by allowing the user to download for free and then asking for the email in the Thank you page.

Now that the user is already excited after the free download, you could easily ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or email course.


You can increase your sales and ROI of your Thank You page by implementing any of these tip. Whether you’re looking for enagagement with your customer, closing a sale or spread brand awareness you can implement these simple and easy tips.

Comment below if you have any excellent tip to increase ROI for your thank you page