If you’re a consultant marketing your services, you must be having a website if you’re not living in Iceage.  But just creating a website without thought will help you attract more clients- which must be your purpose of investing in a website.

As a consultant, you’re the product. You have to market yourself before you market your services. People have to know you and trust you before they actually buy from you. So, one of the most important thing to include on your landing page in your consultant site is to have an image of yourself.

Another important element in a landing page for Consultant is to have a targeted offer to your audience. There’s no right or best offer if you’re going to ask me about it. It all depends upon the familiarity of the user with the consultant.

The next important thing to have is a clear Call To Action. This is the most important aspect of your consultant landing page. And it again depends upon the funnel. But the CTA should be quite clear to make an action.

Let us have a look at some great landing pages for a consultant which will help us to understand better.

Conversion Lab

Steven Essa

Jon Loomer

Neil Patel


Consulting Success

Yael Consulting

SEO Consultant

Consulting Adviser

Just A Lead



Securing lucrative contracts for your consultancy services depends a lot on how you showcase your ability and past records on your website. A good design for the landing page for consultant should inspire confidence to the client who is going to hire that you will be able to complete his job. 

We have seen included some examples of how some top consultants have done a good job on their landing page. You can emulate their example while designing your own landing page for your consultancy service.