Every business be it B2B or B2C, product based company or a service company – all of them need leads.  The number of sales is directly proportional to the number of leads.

More Landing Pages = More Leads

There is a direct correlation between landing pages and leads.  With lead generation being so critical, every website needs lots of landing pages generating leads on their sites. More the number of landing pages in a website, more the number of leads.

Picture courtesy: Hubspot

Types of Landing Pages

The most common landing page example is that of a lead magnet – where you actually bribe your user to part with their email and contact information in lieu of something that has a perceived higher value to your user. Other landing page example could be a tripwire offer – that that is too good an offer to the user.

Many marketers, however, make the mistake of focusing more on the actual lead magnet or the tripwire and neglecting the landing page.  If your landing doesn’t have the critical elements it will lose conversion. And with a poor conversion, you will be spending more money on your customer acquisition.

A good landing page should be sticky.  It should capture the leads and don’t let the user go unless the conversion has been made on the page. There is no single formula for a good landing page.  But there are many things that make a good landing page.

Write A Killer Headline

The headline is an essential element in your landing page. You have less than 3 seconds to capture the attention of the user. And if you write a good headline, you now owe the attention of the user.So, what should a good headline speak about? In short, it should convey the Unique Value Proposition of your offer in a very concise manner.

Here is an example of a good landing page:

You can also ask a question that asks to accomplish the deep-lying desire of the user.  Just, for example, this is a new landing page by Thrive Themes.

Eliminate Distraction

A good landing page should have the minimum distraction.  Remove the header and footer or any other links from the landing page.  Because if somehow the user navigates to another page, he will be lost. It will be difficult for the user to come back to the landing page. So, you will lose on conversion.Hide your navigation bar on every landing page.

Simplicity is the key. There is absolutely no need of it on landing pages.  The only links on your landing page should be your CTA.

Copy Should be Concise

Exercise brevity on landing pages. Be brief with your copywriting.

Before you write the copy of your landing page, answer the following to yourself:

  • How will your offer make things easier for your target audience?
  • What are the specific benefits of your product or service?
  • What will your user miss out if they don’t take on the offer?
  • Why Is your offer better than your competition?
  • What makes you trustable?
  • Do you have any social proof to share?
  • Do you have any work to showcase?
  • Are there any common objections and what are your rebuttals?

But be sure to make your page very short and concise. There’s no need to have a thousand words on the page.

Share a story if you can. Explain your “why” clearly to the user. If you can, share a video on your landing.

There have been many examples of landing pages gone viral because of unique storytelling.

If you’re a startup, you may take inspiration from the below post.

Viral Landing Pages

But, there is absolutely no need to write a copy that will put your user to sleep. Be considerate of their time especially if you are running PPC campaign to attract a user to the landing pages.

You just need to guide your user to your CTA. That should be the only goal for your copy.

Clean Design

Another important element for a good landing page is clean and professional design. The page should be easy on the eye.  And the user should understand the offer quickly. Use the right color psychology for different elements on the landing page. Check this blog post by CrazyEgg if you’re interested to learn more about color psychology.

You need an attractive and professional design for the landing page. However, designing a landing page should n’t cost you a fortune. If you use Thrive Theme Builder, you can check our article where we have taught how to build landing page within twenty minutes using Thrive.

If you’re not using Thrive Theme, you can get started now.

And if you’re not interested in using Thrive Builder, you can create landing pages using other theme builders like Divi or Elementor within few minutes.

There are even third-party tools like ClickFunnels, Unbounce etc. which helps in creating landing pages easily.

Or if you don’t have time, you can hire someone on Fiverr or Upwork to create a landing page for you.

Clear Call To Action

A good call to action should drive the user to perform the desired action e.g. Sign Up, leaving their contact info, taking up a trial offer etc. If the CTA doesn’t drive the user to perform the desired action, then the effort of the landing page has gone waste.

A good CTA has these things in common:

1.Have a Single Focus
2.Placed Strategically, so it catches the eye of the user
3.Use the right keywords that the user might be searching for
4. Make the benefit apparent to the user

Try Out New Things

Lastly, I have the advice to try out new things on your landing page. Just, for example, there is a popular understanding that landing pages should be static. Bur check out this landing page from Influencerspotlight.  They are using a dynamic page as their landing page.


Landing pages are the most important step before a conversion. So, take extra care to implement the above elements into your landing pages to make sure you drive the maximum benefit from your landing pages.

Which of these elements will you use on your landing page? Let me know in the comments.