Minimalism in web design is now a common trend and it is here to stay. Minimalism may sound very easy after all it’s all about lesser use of elements but in design being simple is more difficult. Because you have fewer options, you have to choose each element with the extra thoroughness with a specific starting point.

In minimal design, you are intentionally using fewer elements. It has a purpose – to allow focus on the content. So, in minimal design, your content becomes the centerpiece. The whole UI design revolves around displaying your content in a manner that makes the reader interact with the content.

Minimalist websites don’t include a lot of colors, shapes or textures. They use negative space very generously. They also use very vivid photography, simple navigation tools and presents a kind of visual balance. Minimalistic web design is a modern web design trend that keeps its focus on the content and branding without any distractions.

Let us look at some of the best websites that is using Minimalistic style.

Christine Szczupak Photography

Ryan Willms

Caitlin Worthington Photography

Jonathan Glynn Smith

Bruce Percy

Exponent PR

Bark PR

Oh My! Digital Design Studio

Authenit Designs

Brave Little Tank

Brian Danaher


Leen Heyne








iPad mini 4

Château d’Yquem


Some Advantages of Minimalism Web Design

  1. It’s a great fit with content marketing, which is now adopted by everyone.
  2. While styles will change in Web design and something which is hot to-day will fall off the pedestal tomorrow, but minimalism web design is a permanent thing. This style will always remain.
  3. With fewer design elements, plugins and applications the loading time is also faster. 
  4. Minimalism Web Design is SEO friendly for its easier for search engine bots to crawl a site build with this approach. And fasting loading time also helps the SEO.
  5. A Minimalism Web Design will help your visitors to recall your site easier.


One thing you should keep in mind while designing your website is to protect your user from information overload.  So, before you actually do any web design, you should make sure that you are only portraying the content that is important to your visitors. 

Another thing you should take into consideration is the future growth of your company. If you don’t plan properly and just dive into the minimalistic design you may find it difficult to grow at a later stage. But if you plan for it, then its perfectly okay. And, before you actually decide to go minimal, make sure that your customers would like it.

I hope, the examples of websites we have listed above, will help you drawing inspiration for your project, should you choose to go down the minimal route.