One of the advantage of using WordPress CMS is the wide availability of themes and plugins. And, when you’re just getting started with not much cash you can use Free themes from the WordPress repository. But since they are purely built by developers in their spare time, those Free themes are devoid of proper support. And, with WordPress providing regular core updates that would mean your site built on the Free theme is vulnerable to break down anytime.

So, if you’re doing any serious project or have money to invest, you should always look for a premium wordpress theme. But again, not all themes from marketplaces are good. Many of them are bloated and not coded cleanly. So, you must make sure that you buy premium themes from a reliable source. One such reliable company is MyThemeShop. They have grown their reputation over the years with their excellently coded themes, plugins and awesome support.

In this article we will go through the following topics :

  • What Makes MyThemeShop Unique
  • Good Things About MTS Themes
  • Installation Of MyThemeshop Themes
  • Review of Ten Popular MyThemeShop Themes
  • Review of Three Popular MyThemeShop Plugins
  • Pricing
  • Conclusion

My Theme Shop Review

MyThemeShop hey have 121 themes and variety of plugins in their repository. One of the main reason why MTS themes are among the most popular wordpress theme company is due to its attractive theme designs and typography, a wide range of theme options, clean and efficient coding, fast loading time and optimized for SEO. One of their themes, Schema is among the fastest theme in WordPress.

Let us first discuss the best things about the My Theme Shop themes.

1. Nice Typography

MyThemeShop themes sport large font types and most of them use Roboto font by default which really makes it catchy. With over 500 Google fonts available, you can change the font in theme options anytime you want though.

Lots of Theme Customization Options

Theme options are one of the important things that makes a premium theme worth buying. You can easily import the demo layout with one click. And then easily change the font, colors, layout using the various theme options present in the theme easily by a toggle of a button.

MyThemeShop Theme Options

Here are some basic common options under Theme Options. These may vary from theme to theme, though.

General SettingsThis is a common setting for a change of header and footer codes, responsiveness, social media page links, pagination and more.

PerformanceIn this option, you can configure prefetching, lazy load and other important options.

Styling OptionsHere you can change color, CSS, background and sidebar settings

HeaderIn this option, you can set up the header options like search form, etc.

FooterIn this option, you can change the footer copyright text, widgets etc.

HomepageYou can configure the home page options like Slider, homepage layouts and more.

Single PostsYou can change the post layout, author, date and other options related to post.

Ad ManagementYou can easily add Adsense or banner codes any part of your theme.

Import/ExportYou can change your theme completely to a predefined layout, make a child theme and more.

And there is a reset option so that you can revert to default if you want to do so.

3. Child Themes

Child themes are an extension of a parent theme that inherits the design and functionality of the parent theme. It is used to modify existing theme. In MyThemeShop, you can easily generate child themes with just one click through the theme options. No need to manually create one.

4. Responsive

Almost all of the premium themes are now responsive. So, nothing special about it. But what I really like about the MyThemeShop option is that you can check from the demo itself how it will look on tablets, mobile and desktop before you download and install.  

5. Feature Rich

MyThemeShop comes packed with dozens of features. Features vary depending upon the theme. Stuff like lightbox, social media buttons, custom widgets are things for which you need to install plugins with most themes. But with Mythemeshop themes, it comes inbuilt. I really like this because I prefer not to use lots of plugins.

6. Multiple Layouts

Multiple layouts mean that you can get multiple website themes just by buying one single theme. Depending upon the theme there are 2-8 layout options for each theme.

Preset Options

For example, their Adsense theme has 8 different layouts:


Ad-Sense Default – A general blog theme

Ad-Sense Fashion- A Fashion blog theme

Ad-Sense Recipes – A Recipe Blog theme

Ad-Sense Sport- A Sports Blog theme

Ad-Sense Baby Blog-A Baby Blog theme

Ad-sense fitness- A fitness blog theme

Ad-sense news- A news blog theme

Ad-sense shop- A WooCommerce  shop theme

So, with one theme you can launch multiple projects.

7. Excellent Support

Since the day of inception, MyThemeShop has delivered an excellent customer service. They got an excellent forum. And, you will receive a prompt reply from the support forum.  Another point of contact is Eric, owner of MyThemeShop. You can reply to his email if you have any question and he will reply back in about a day.

8. Themes for Any Project

As I pointed above, there are different preset themes with just one theme. But, there are many themes with a niche focus. So, there’s a review theme for building review sites, a video theme for video sites, eCommerce theme for building eCommerce sites, a news theme for building news and viral sites.

Review of Ten Best WordPress Themes From MyThemeShop

Viral – Social Media Theme From MyThemeShop

Viral Theme is ideal for creating trending sites like ViralNova, Bored Panda, BuzzFeed, and others. It has got amazing layouts, galleries, nice typography and beautiful carousel options that make the theme quite easy to engage with. It also has stylish social media buttons that make it easy for your story to go viral. There’s also an upvote and downvote button that makes it easy for your user to rate the content. The theme also comes with membership management options, something which you will find it handy while running a viral site.

Coupon- Coupon Business Theme

Coupon theme is a professional theme for running a website on coupon business. It has got a unique design which is sure to create a lasting impact on your visitors. And it has about seven different pre-set design options for you to choose from. It is also completely SEO ready to help your coupon site dominate the search engine rankings. It also has custom coupon carousel, another way to help your coupon site professional and engaging. It is a complete coupon site theme with coupon categories page, coupon promotion sections and coupon archive sections built in the site.

Schema – Fastest and SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

When tested in Pingdom tools, this theme loads under a second completely justifying the claims of this being the fastest theme in WordPress. This theme also has all the necessary schema tags that help search engine to identify the content. This helps your content to rank higher.The coding is also light-weight making the site secure. Another advantage of using MyThemeShop is you don’t need to buy extra plugins. For example, there is a built-in Review system within the theme. Also, MyThemeShop has taken extra care in making this theme appealing to bloggers by creating Ad Management Section.

Pinstagram- Most Engaging WordPress Theme

Pinstagram is inspired from Pinterest. It is your best option if you are looking for a theme that will keep the reader engaged on your blog by hooking them psychologically. The Pinterest like design will help you to maximize page views and more audience satisfaction with its easily navigable and beautiful design. The theme has options that allows you to customize the site’s most important areas just by the click of a button. With Pinstagram, everything is easy and smooth.

There are many special options like Unlimited backgrounds, social media sharing options, icons, ad management options and SEO options among others.

Monospace – Unique Blog WordPress Theme

This is a very unique WordPress theme. It has unique design and awesome features.You can be sure that this theme will keep your readers engaged to your site with its interactive features designed to impress.

This theme comes with a variety of color schemes. So, you can pick any color combination according to your choice. It is jam-packed with many features that are all worthwhile such as speed optimization options, very detailed options panel, shortcodes options,  social media and Adsense options. It is a great theme to get started with your blog. You can customize it a lot with all the options that is there.

eMaxStore – WooCommerce Theme

It is really one of the best WooCommere theme that you will get in the market. You will be able to sell online and blog successfully in a single theme. This multi-purpose responsive theme will help you take closer to your online goals of having a successful online business with minimum coding knowledge.

This theme is ready for eCommerce. It allows customers to save items as wishlist and also compare the prices and features of the items from within the shop. So, it is a complete WooCommerce theme that will help you display and sell your products in a professional and easy manner.

 MagXP-Ultmate Magazine WordPress Theme

It is one of the best ultimate magazine WordPress theme. With its responsive design, form and function are perfectly blended to create an awesome design that helps your content grab readers easily.

Online blogs and magazine are all about content display nowadays. And, this theme help you do that brilliantly having four amazing layouts for home page. It also offers an options panel that puts you in complete control of your design and layouts. It also has unlimited color options to choose from, over 600 fonts, Ajax tabs and unlimited side bars- the list is longer.

This theme also comes with an in-built review system, so that you can easily write reviews posts. These review posts will be shown in the search engine search results page.

Clock – Best WordPress Theme For Blog With Shop

If you’re looking for a theme that combines both the best of blog and eCommerce, then this is your best bet. This theme comes with crisp typography and great contrast, so it has a refreshing look and the content is quite easy to read. It has been inspired from magazine type publications.

You can also sell your products and make money from your blog using Clock since it is WooCommerce supported. Other features you get with this WordPress theme include theme options panel to customize your blog, use lightbox, change backgrounds, use social media integration, and Custom Dashboard design.


Do you want to make the most of your blog? Of course. This theme will help you unleash your blog’s full potential so that you achieve your dream. This theme has all that you will require – SEO, Social media integration,  Ad management, to take your blog to the next level.

This is a quality WordPress theme with extremely well coding structure and responsive design. This theme comes with a theme options that will help you customize your design your site to the ultimate detail in terms of layout, color schemes, fonts, widgets and backgrounds. This theme is also translation ready and supports RTL languages.

This theme has everything that you will to run a successful blog. It’s shortcodes will help you to customize your design and style so that it appears visually appealing to your readers.


This is a great theme for any site be it a personal blog, corporate site or a magazine. Immunity is chock-a-block with awesome features allowing you to give your audience an amazing user experience.

It is 100% responsive meaning every visitor gets a nice experience no matter their screen size. Immunity’s SEO optimization means you do not have to scratch your head and dip your feet in cold water trying to make sense of algorithms and confusing SEO jargon.

The goodies basket also comes with, among other features, WooCommerce integration, magazine and blog layouts, custom widgets, unlimited color schemes, premium support and unlimited backgrounds.

Review of Installation Process of MyThemeShop WordPress Themes

Now I will go through installation of one of the theme so that you understand how easy or difficult the process is. I’m choosing Schema theme for this tutorial. Installation process will be same for any other theme also.

You have to go to the membership area and download the theme. Along with the theme, you get all the documentation, changelog and other necessary files. So, read the documentation once, choose the theme file and upload the zip file to WordPress through the dashboard. The documentation is very easy to follow. And, as discussed above in this post, it is quite easy to import any demo and configure the theme as per your choice from inside the theme options panel within the admin panel. So, it’s that easy.

WordPress Plugins From MyThemeShop

Not only themes, MyThemeShop membership gives you access to 30+ WordPress plugins that you can use to add more functionalities to your WordPress sites. All the plugins by MyThemeShop have important features to make your site more

URL Shortener

If you’re running an affiliate site, then you’ll love this plugin. You can shorten URL and cloak links with this plugin. You can also import links from Pretty Links plugin. You can categorize the links, create delays for redirects, bulk replace, export short URL’s, and loads for other things which will simplify your link management. And best of all, there is no learning curve. Everything is simple to understand within its setting section.

WP In Post Ads

It’s an ad management plugin with many different options. With this plugin, you can split test ads using its A/B Split testing feature, count impressions, show or hide ads, and lots more.

Creating new ads and managing them is quite simple with this plugin. 


Lite versions of all themes from MyThemeShop are FREE. So, you can simply create an account and download all the lite versions for FREE. However, if you want to support, you can get it so for 9 USD per year for one product.

Now, if you need a pro version, you have to shell out anything between 29 USD to 59 USD for each product for the first year and a discounted membership fee for support from the following year. This is best if you need pro versions of the single theme. Support is included with the theme. So, you don’t have to shell an extra amount to procure the services.

And, finally, there is an extended membership option which allows you access to everything included in the package. Not only you get more than 100+ themes and 18 plugins, you get regular updates, new products every month and 2*7 support. But here’s a word of caution. You get premium support as long as you’re a member. As soon as you delete the membership, you won’t get access to the support.


Overall, as a theme membership club, MyThemeShop is a good choice and great value for money. For 19 USD per month, billed annually, you get almost 121+ themes and about 18 premium plugins. But if you don’t want to spend money, you can always choose to explore the Free versions of their themes.

If you’re an existing user of Mythemeshop, please share your feedback about this review. And, if you found this review helpful, please share this!