One of the difficult tasks before any user is to choose the right hosting for your website. There are hundreds of hosting companies with hundreds of different package options, so it becomes all the more difficult for you to choose the right hosting company.

In this article, we will do a brief comparison between shared and managed hosting.

Let us begin first with understanding each type of hosting.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is like staying in an apartment shared by a lot of people and you’ll are sharing the mortgage on it.

In simple terms, it means you’re hosting your sites with lots of other people on the server. With this arrangement, you may be sharing your server with anyone, whoever has bought an account with the same hosting company and got allocated the same server.

Shared hosting is one of the cheapest ways to get started and this plan is given by almost all hosting companies like Godaddy, Siteground, Fastcomet, Blue Host, Hosting Managers(, VapourHost, and there are many more.

Shared hosting Linux based servers allows you a Cpanel through which you can manage all your sites. And you can install all the applications like WordPress, Opencart, Magento, etc.

Watch this video by GoDaddy To understand the concept of Shared hosting

What Is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is a service where all the technical aspects of running a website are managed by a hosting company.

They will also go to the extent of providing you the solutions that you may face with regards to your site. So, managed hosting is more like maintenance of your site along with the hosting.

Like for example, if you’re a WordPress user, you know that there are regular updates to the core files, themes, plugins, etc. which may break the site.

With just a “shared hosting”, your hosting company will only identify the cause but in managed hosting, they will also provide you the additional service like automatic backups, CDN, WordPress support among others.

In a managed hosting, the hosting company will also configure their server as per your requirement to provide you better service as per your site’s requirement.

Types of Managed Hosting

There are basically two types of Managed Hosting.

  1. Fully managed hosting – This is for people with limited technical knowledge. So, if you’re new to servers, you should always opt for this one. With fully managed hosting, you can completely relax as everything will be managed by your hosting company.
  2. Semi-managed hosting- It is for people who only want to use the resources of the hosting company but is comfortable managing server on their own. This is a bit cheaper than fully managed hosting.

Can We Compare Shared Vs Managed Hosting?

But, there’s something basic to understand. A managed hosting may also be on a shared server. Just like Siteground. They offer managed hosting but on their shared server. So, you’re assured of a good support but you’re still using the same resources as hundreds of others.

Managed hosting may again be on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) too. VPS is a shared server too but each customer gets a separate allocation of resources.

It is something like same server is shared by limited number of users and each user has their resource restrictions. More like how we partition a hard drive. So, that if a part of the server has issues, it doesn’t reflect on the other. Similarly, Managed hosting can be on a dedicated or a cloud server.

So, by now you have probably understood that there is no comparison between Shared and Managed Hosting. Both are completely different service. Shared hosting allows you space but Managed Hosting allows you both space with everything that you would need to run a WordPress site.

For example, for a specific project, you need to install a script which drains a lot of resources. With a shared hosting, you may have issues depending on the resource you’re already using. But with a managed hosting, you will be rest assured that you won’t have any issue using that script.

Which Is Cheaper: Shared Hosting Or Managed Hosting?

Shared hosting is always cheaper than Managed hosting.  Managed WordPress hosting always come with a higher pricing tag because of enhanced support. If you’re running a serious business then the pricing may be justified. However, you should consider using a managed hosting if it’s a personal project.

A good managed hosting will mean an extra 20 USD per month to spend.

Let’s See Some Of The Benefits Of Managed Hosting

Enhanced Security – With Managed Hosting you get additional security as they monitor every vulnerability with your CMS updates, theme files or plugins.

Page Caching – Siteground offers page caching technology even for Shared hosting users. But most of the company provides this only for the Managed Hosting Customers.

External Backups – With shared hosting, you get only internal backups. That means, if for some reason if the main data center faces some problems, you lose your files and the backups. So, external backups are important.

Automatic UpdatesWith managed WordPress hosting, you will always be running the updated and secured version of PHP, MySql, WordPress, and everything.

Better SupportWith Managed hosting you get better support for all your issues including support for your CMS, themes or plugins that you’re using.

Content Delivery Network With a CDN you get enhanced loading time. You think of CDN of a combination of different servers located at different locations all around the world. So, it helps deliver the website content faster.

Now, that you have seen some of the benefits, you need to decide on the basis of which features are really important for you. For example, a shared hosting user can subscribe an external CDN, buy a premium caching plugin or subscribe to an external backup service also.

Therefore, if you don’t feel you need all those features- all at the same time and pay more for Managed hosting, you can make better use of your money with Shared Hosting too.

Quality of Support: Managed Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

Managed Hosting always provide you a better support. They use better server management and security tools to keep your site safe.

They also have a dedicated personnel who is well knowledgeable about technical stuffs. So, you can expect a knowledgeable reply to all your queries including your CMS, themes or plugins.

But same cannot be said about the Shared hosting. You have to read reviews and find it for yourself.

Some shared hosting companies offer reliable support while others don’t. But most commonly, with a shared hosting, you don’t get dedicated technical support for your CMS. They are most likely going to give you a generic reply like – please update your theme or check your plugin. But in case of managed hosting, they will go to the extent of solving your issue.


By now, you have an understanding of the shared and managed hosting.In summary, if you have an extra 20-30 USD per month to spend on a project, go for a managed hosting.

The only reason why you would want to still use shared hosting is purely financial. If your online venture can help you to fund managed hosting, you should do it at the first chance.