The growth of their email list is the primary objective of any blogger. Although there are several plugins which are being marketed for the same purpose, none of these come close to competing with Thrive Leads. At the heart of Thrive’s entire arsenal of conversion-optimized themes and plugins is a deep understanding of their users and their problems. Everything you don’t find in other plugins, you will find it in Thrive Leads Review. So in this Thrive Leads Review, we are showcasing all the amazing features of this one-of-a-kind conversion optimization plugin. Using these features, you are sure to grow your email list on autopilot.

What is Thrive Leads?

Thrive Leads is lead generation plugin that purely focused on conversion optimization and ease of use. Having over 50 opt-in form templates with endless customization options, Thrive Leads also provides precise targeting options and a “set and forget” A/B testing mechanism. Quick link to check out How Thrive Leads can increase your Business

Why Thrive Leads blows all other Lead Generation Plugins out of the water!

Do you detest having to make small changes in code? Thrive Leads provides drag-and-drop for opt-in forms! Do you want to show opt-in forms only on the most relevant pages/posts? Thrive Leads’ provides highly precise targeting options – you can choose to display your opt-in forms on:

  • Specific pages
  • Specific posts
  • Posts matching a specific tag
  • Posts belonging to a specific category

We have explained here why and how the Thrive Leads is More Optimized for User Experience – Zero Reload.

Do you want to compare which of your opt-in forms are converting the best which you can retire? Thrive Leads provides you 9 different reports for list building activities!

thrive leads features

This picture (taken from Thrive Leads Reporting Intro Video by Shane Melaugh) shows all the available reporting options. You get the confidence of knowing which style of collecting email is working on which of your posts/pages and which ones you need to optimize further. Thrive Leads lets you take your conversion optimization to a new level with its reporting mechanism. We learn more about conversion rate report later on this thrive leads review.

Wish to grow your email list right away?

Thrive Leads Review: How to extract maximum benefits of Thrive Leads

We have mentioned tremendous advantages of using Thrive Leads, but so far we have only scratched the surface. Now we will take an in-depth look at all of Thrive Leads’ features.

How to extract maximum benefits of Thrive Leads


You are frustrating visitors who have already subscribed

Isn’t it annoying that apps keep asking you to rate them even after you have left them a review? Same thing happens to your subscriber when they visit again. He sees the same opt-in boxes and overlays ALL OVER AGAIN! This redundancy of subscription forms can be harmful to your business. In the worst case, customers may decide to unsubscribe altogether due to frequently irrelevant pop-ups. These repeated pop-ups are also not the most optimal use of your precious website space. With Thrive Leads Smart Links, you can prevent this mental fatigue!  To enable Smart Links, you have to add an “Already Subscribed state” to your opt-in form or overlay. This “Already Subscribed state” is not like a new opt-in form, it is a changed state associated with the same opt-in form. You can use this changed state to show more discounts and offers for already subscribed customers. Once you generate a Smart Link for already subscribed visitors, you can put them in your emails and when your subscribers use that link, they will see the “Already Subscribed” state of your opt-in forms and overlays where you placed your upsell ads. This way you can pleasantly surprise them with an offer made just for them! There is also an option to generate smart links without any opt-in forms or overlays.

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Content Upgrade in Thrive Leads

Have you ever seen those pop-ups that ask emails in exchange of massive lists of marketing tactics, reports, diet or exercise plans? They deliver their content in the email as soon as you subscribe to them. People will readily give you their email if you promise to give them something highly valuable for free. Russell Brunson’s highlighted this fact in his insanely successful book“Dot Com Secrets”. However, managing an email autoresponder service with a lead gen plugin may not be as simple as it sounds. Using it for content delivery, the problem may magnify, since you will have to now create and manage new lists specific to content delivery opt-ins. This may become unmanageable, leaving you frustrated pretty quickly. Thrive gives you that power of directly linking one or more downloadable files from within Thrive Leads plugin. You won’t have to mess around with lists in your autoresponder, Thrive uses your preferred auto-responder’s API to implement provide the downloadable files. And for all this takes just a few clicks to set up. If you want peace of mind in your lead gen process, Thrive Leads is the only way to guarantee that!

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Meet the Most Powerful A/B Testing Engine

The set-and-forget feature is one of the most innovative features available in Thrive Leads review  The A/B Testing Engine lets you test the following with the same offer:

  • Different form types
  • Different triggers
  • Different design and content

You can also A/B test all your offers with completely different configurations against each other. Once you start the test, the testing engine monitors the performance of each variation and automatically selects the best winner. Now, with the help of Thrive Leads’ A/B Testing Engine, you can generate more leads and increase your conversions on auto-pilot with the same amount of traffic.

Let’s Look under the Hood of Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is described as a “lead generation solution” built by an extremely smart team obsessed with conversions. You will see some features such as extreme targeting are given in all of their plugins.

Unleash your creativity with Thrive Leads Opt-in Form Designer!

With Thrive Leads’ Opt-in Form Designer, you can choose from over 50 beautiful and professionally designed opt-in form templates (highest among all lead generation plugins). You can also customize them with simple drag-and-drop actions without having to touch a single line of code. Here are some of the types of opt-in form you can design with Thrive Leads:

  • ThriveBox (Popup Lightbox)
  • Sticky Ribbon
  • In-line forms
  • Two-step and Multi-step opt-in forms
  • Slide-in forms
  • Opt-in widget on the sidebar
  • Overlay
  • Content Lock opt-in forms
  • Scroll Mat

With so many options and simple codeless customization options with each of them, you are sure to find the right kind of designs which fit your brand’s presence.

Optimize and Test Your Conversions With Multiple Trigger Types

Thrive Leads provides a massive advantage with 4 different trigger types. You can choose the one you think will be most suitable, but we would suggest you to use their A/B testing engine to see which one your visitors respond to the most. The image below shows all types of triggers offered in Thrive Leads.

The Right Way to Use Exit Triggers

Many plugins do offer opt-in forms that display with the “exit intent” trigger. But some say it annoys leaving visitors, some say it stops the visitors from leaking out of the funnel. Thrive Leads team conducted thorough research to identify what exactly causes annoyance – it’s the combination with exit trigger with time-based trigger. With Thrive Leads SmartExit+, if your overlay has already been displayed once using the time-based trigger, it won’t be displayed on exit. Exit-trigger overlay will only be displayed when the time-triggered overlay has not been displayed. And the same time-based trigger catches mobile subscribers and stops them from falling through your sales funnel.

Grab Your Visitor’s’ Attention with Opt-In Form Animations

Thrive Leads offers 22 (yes, twenty-two!) opt-in form animations to grab the attention of your visitor and makes sure your customers don’t miss your hard work in creating it. This image lists all animation options available in Thrive Leads.

Detailed Reporting For Conversions With Thrive Leads 

If you’re a marketer, then keeping a tab on how your campaign is performing should be one of your top priority. And Thrive Leads offer detailed reporting at your disposal. From comparing the list growth to checking out lead refferals, checking conversion rate report, you can do it all with the click of a mouse for all your forms or any particular form.

Do You Think Thrive Leads Is Worth Your Money?

Thrive Themes team is practically obsessed about conversions. The same is reflected in every aspect of Thrive Leads Review. If you want to gain more email list even with the same amount of traffic while retaining your peace of mind, get your copy of Thrive Leads today! If you liked this Thrive Leads Review please share it.

There is nothing better than thrive leads to grow your email list.