In this post, we will compare Thrive Themes vs Genesis Theme Framework. Both the products, thrive themes and genesis themes are trending hot these days.It is due to rise of internet users and users of WordPress, and the ease which both these WordPress themes gives to the website owner or the developer.

I am a WordPress user for the last eight years. Today, I recall my initial period when I started using WordPress. I deprived to know about the best WordPress theme which can be easy to customize and should be SEO friendly.

It was the time in 2010 when Studio-press launched their killer product. They named it as Genesis theme framework. It was like that a dream come true to every young blogger and WordPress user.

It was the only available option which fulfills all the demands of a WordPress user. Sometimes later, when ThriveThemes entered the market and introduced to the bloggers, WordPress website owners, website designers and WordPress developers.

It was the time when some of us think the end of Genesis theme framework. However, we were wrong; Genesis theme framework persisted well in this tough competition. It is well-known for its excellent design and flexibility.

You might want to compare between two of the most used premium WordPress themes. Sometimes I got queries for the same in my email. So, here I am trying to solve your question.

I am comparing thrive themes vs. Genesis theme framework (honest review). I am not going to support any one of them. Rather I am making a perfect comparison between both. With this comparison, you get to know the best features of both and choose a WordPress theme which meets your needs.

Let’s count the points to differentiate both Thrive Themes and Genesis Themes Framework

  • Page load speed
  • Number of Plugins needed
  • Customization Skills
  • Ease of Creating Engaging Content
  • Related Posts
  • Optimized for Conversions
  • Inbuilt landing page templates and page layouts
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • In-built Landing Pages

Thrive Themes vs Genesis Theme Framework: Choose the Best one for your Website?

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Genesis Theme Framework

According to me, Genesis theme framework is the king of WordPress themes. The popularity of this WordPress theme is due to its large number of users base as well as user reliability than other available choices. Genesis theme framework is being in the market for a long time and is known as the big whale of the sea.

Read this to know: Why Genesis is the Foundation of Any Smart WordPress Design

I am user experience guy and a WP user, I love WordPress, deals with a lot of designers and developer, and I loved the Genesis theme framework until I have not used the thrive themes.

themes offered by genesis theme of studio press

Let’s discuss the points about Genesis theme framework:

Page loading

The page loading time of Genesis theme framework is way slower than the Thrive Themes. World-class professional website design was like a dream before the launch of Genesis.

Genesis brought the revolution that time with professional designs and layouts. Moreover, SEO optimized themes with complete support for SEO of the website.

It has a feature of speed optimization also. However, you need to install a lot number of plugins to perform the desired tasks. These plugins slow down the page loading speed.

Many plugins needed

As I told you earlier, Genesis theme framework fulfills design aspects only. Moreover, to sort other purposes you need to install several more plugins.

Studiopress has launched many plugins to support Genesis theme framework. However, for all these available plugins, you have to pay separately. You cannot make changes in the codes yourself.

You can use only those products of Studiopress which you have purchased from them. Moreover, using a significant number of plugins may negatively harm your website.

More plugins mean more database, more DB queries, and more HTTP requests. It results in a bad performance of the website. It includes frequent crashes, and it also breaches site security.

Customization skills

Customizing or making small changes in genesis theme framework is not a child’s play. I cannot even change the color of them or change the font or its size.

You might do this if you are an expert in coding a website. Alternatively, you end up hiring a designer to make small changes to your own or client’s website.

It doesn’t mean that it’s not good.It is good for those who do not need frequent changes or customization afterward.

Ease of creating content

It does not have any inbuilt function to customize or optimize your content. You end up using free or paid plugins again.

Related post

It does not have any inbuilt function for related posts. You may want it, to add in the mid of your article to give reference or source to your information. Ugh! Again you need to install separate plugins.

Optimized for conversion

Generate Pro, and Digital pro is the only two themes. These great WordPress themes are optimized to collect emails from the customer. Most of the other themes are not optimized for conversion. No other option of optimization for conversion is available than plugins.

Inbuilt landing page templates and page layouts

Genesis theme framework has 50+ layout options to choose. However, the major drawback of these designs is that you have to choose only one. You have paid for, or you can choose more at an extra cost.


Genesis theme framework is available in $59.95 for framework only. Moreover, Genesis framework and one child theme are available for $99.95.

One more option is available that is for $499.95 which includesGenesis framework, access to all the available child themes and named as ‘pro plus all-themes’ package. The prices mentioned above come with a one-time payment and you can use the product lifetime.

Moreover, there is no annual membership subscription, no extra license fees for developers. Once you have paid for pro plus all-theme package, you are eligible to get the new future release for free of cost.


No doubt that the customer service of Studiopress is good. They might take time of few hours but always solve the query in the best manner.

At last, I want to conclude Genesis theme framework, is the right choice for you. If you have limited needs to fulfill, go for it.

Genesis Framework for WordPress

Now, Let’s move to another best wordpress theme.

Thrive Themes – Conversion focused wordpress themes

Thrive themes launched by Shane Melaugh a marketing expert, and Paul McCarthy a tech fanatic. They found their new venture in 2013. The primary motive of the Thrive Themes is to provide all the tools to the website owner.

All the features and weapons Thrive Themes provides the website owners or bloggers to convert all the leads to customers. Thrive Themes have a separate team of dedicated marketing experts. These experts help you and provide support for lead conversion by way of making the thrivethemes and its products conversion optimized. They not only provided awe-struck themes but designed these themes to convert leads.They have a separate team of dedicated marketing experts.

It helps you to attract more visitors. It creates a funnel to convert those visitors into customers, clients or fans.

thrive themes intro image

Let’s discuss in detail about thrive themes:

Thrive Themes Gives You Easy Customization Options

You can easily do things like adding logo and favicon, editing copyright footer text, selecting a color scheme and blog layout, etc. from Thrive Theme options. It also has a custom CSS option to add a custom style to your themes. So, you can easily make some design changes.With Thrive membership you get access to all the themes and plugins: 

Thrive Themes
Thrive Leads
Thrive, Architect
Thrive Ultimatum
Headline Optimizer
Thrive Quiz 
Thrive comments
Thrive Ovation 

All plugins have unique properties that distinguish them. Thrive Ultimatum, for example, are special because they allow you to attract the attention of people trying to leave your site. On the other hand, Thrive’s Headline optimizer will help you get out your desired message by using a good title. With this plugin, a report is displayed with the impact of your title.

Page load speed

Thrive Themes help you in every aspect. It helps from optimizing a page for SEO, to convert the leads to prospective customers. It is optimized to provide high speed and less loading time. Here, you do not have to install separate plugins for it; itis already optimized.

Number of Plugins needed

There are very fewer requirements for extra plugins. These themes have an inbuilt custom designer. It provides image optimization, lead pages, conversion pages, thrive architect (previously known as thrive content builder). It is like an all in one package.

Customization Skills

It is the topmost-useful benefit of thrive themes. Customizations are very easy in thrive themes. For doing slight to mediocre customizations, you do not need to learn any coding. Thrive themes is built to help the business freak WordPress users to customize anything with very ease, and you can do it in few clicks.

Ease of Creating Engaging Content

There is a top-notch feature of the Thrive Themes. That helps to build engaging content. This feature is known as thrive architect (previously thrive content builder). It can be used to design and customize landing pages and blog posts.

You can use an animated call to action buttons to attract more customers. It has TOC (Table of Content) to use and format the long blog post symmetrically. The features of the content builder(now known as Thrive Architect) are comparison table, content toggles, pricing table, and whatever your mind can think on the same ground.

The good news here is that Thrive Themes have launched its new product named as a content architect. The content architect has replaced the thrive content builder.

Thrive Themes Continually Create New Themes & Plugins

When I bought the Thrive Themes membership plan, there were only  few plugins. Recently, they have added many plugins like Thrive Headline Optimizer, Thrive Clever Widget, and Thrive Ultimatum. All of them are great. And, because of the membership license, I did not have to buy anyone of them.

And this is not the end. Thrive will create new plugins and themes continuously in future too. They also add features to their existing tools regularly.


Let’s see visually How Thrive Themes helps you make Engaging Landing Pages

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Related Posts

This feature is used to drive attention of the prospect to convert the lead. You can mark up or insert a link in the post to give reference or source of the content or other links.

Optimized for Conversions

Themes build by ThriveThemes are conversion optimized. There are several themes options to choose from as well as Thrive Themes has few plugins to help you increase your conversions.

thrive themes showcase of themes

All the thrive themes, by default, comes with the inbuilt plugin, i.e., Thrive Architect (previously known as Thrive Content Builder).

List of plugins which Thrive Themes offers which you get along with your Thrive Themes membership is ThriveLeads, Headline Optimizer, CleverWidgets to name for now, importantly. It even helps you in placing ads at key places to increase your conversion.

Inbuilt landing page templates and page layouts

Thrive Architect (previously known as Thrive Content Builder or TCB) from Thrive Themes has over 150 inbuilt templates and page layouts. It helps in making the landing pages, even the entire website fast and conversion optimized.

On the other hand Genesis theme have only one layout as landing page, which is neither attractive nor built for conversion. 


Thrive Themes is a bit costly when compared to the pricing of Genesis theme framework. There are four options available for payment of membership subscription. I never go with the price as the only factor; I hope you too think like me. If my need is to have many landing pages in my marketing arsenal, I will always love to have Thrive Themes and consider this as my investment.

Don’t you wish there was an easier, and perhaps a safer way to add more functionality to your theme without compromising on load times?

Here are the Pricing plans for Thrive Themes and Thrive Themes Membership:

There are two plans:

One for Entrepreneurs and Individuals.

The second one is for Agency, i.e., you can even use your license for your client’s sites.

If you wish to opt for the Individual plan, you can use the themes and plugins on all your websites with no restrictions.

You get two options to make payment in the Individual plan:

Quarterly: $90 (works out to $30/Month)

Yearly: $228 annually(works out to $19/Month)

If you own a web design agency, or you are a freelance website designer. You can opt for the Agency plan where you can use this super product even on your client’s website.

You get two options to make payment in Agency plan:

Quarterly: $207 (works out to $69/Month)

Yearly: $588annually(works out to $49/Month)

The Thrive Themes membership cost seems to be little higher than the Genesis. In Genesis, you have limited access to everything. You have to spend more of your money on paid plugins like lead pages, OptinMonster, and much more. However, with thrive themes, all your requirements are fulfilled in one go. You get access to all the available products of thrive themes.

The product list in Thrive Themes membership includes:

  • Thrive Architect (previously known as Thrive Content Builder)
  • Heading Optimizer
  • Landing Pages
  • Thrive Leads
  • Thrive Opt-ins
  • Thrive Quiz Builder
  • Thrive Ultimatum
  • Thrive Ovation
  • Clever Widgets
  • Pre-made Themes

The list is long enough to give you an exact idea about products of thrivethemes. Moreover, you will receive full access to all the future plugins along with this membership.

Customer Support

Customer support for thrive themes is best in class. They help you beyond your general or technical query. Rather, they are more-emphasize on converting leads into customers, fans or clients. Conversion of leads is way more important for them, then selling their other products. If you want to learn more about Thrive Themes please read our latest review on Thrive Themes Review & Pricing – Is It Really Worth?.

To Conclude:

Here is the genuine and unbiased review about both the two great WordPress product. I again want to tell you that using and not using one is based on your decision. You must be aware while choosing your theme pack for WordPress.

You can discuss your queries in the comments below, and we will help you beyond this article and comparison to correctly guide you to make a decision.

However, If you have a small budget, no customization required, you can use Genesis theme framework. It could be best for you. Otherwise, Thrive Theme is there to cover all the necessary website needs in one go.

Which one would you like to test?